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Feb 26 2014

Conservative? Check. Republican? Check. Atheist? Hang On There, Missy…

My mother-in-law is an atheist And conservative, too, to the core She’s a staunch and a lifelong Republican But lately, I wonder, “what for?” They claim that she ought to be Christian That her outlook on life is all wrong She’s in love with the party of Reagan But feels, now, she doesn’t belong Could …

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Feb 23 2014

The Biblical Justification For Arizona’s Proposed Law

Jesus hated homos, which he says in [find this verse] Yes, he also hated hypocrites, but really, gays are worse So as Arizonans ask themselves just “What would Jesus do?” He’d engage in homophobia, like [look this verse up, too] See, Jesus always made it clear [um, look this up as well] Baking cakes or …

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Feb 21 2014

“Life Begins At Conception” Bill Proposed In NH

In lawmakers’ fevered perception, conception Is God’s definition of “when life begins” If mothers-to-be raise their voices, their choices By God’s perfect standards, are nothing but sins Since God can’t be named, a reliance on “science” Is lawmakers’ choice as they justify votes Though putative “facts” they parade up are made-up And not what you’d …

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Feb 15 2014

A Heart-Felt Love Ode To Antonin Scalia

It must be depressing, to be a Scalia, To see your words twisted in so many ways To see your dissent—Windsor’s warning—adorning The arguments cited in favor of gays! Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky—how lucky The activists were, that you wrote your dissent! Your snarking in Windsor turned, now, to a how-to; They probably know that it’s …

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Feb 14 2014

Religion Means “This Law Doesn’t Apply To You”

My religion won’t allow it! We consider it a sin! If a gay man wants to shop here, Why, I dare not let him in! It’s infringement on my liberty— Repression at its worst— You’re a bigot, if you force me Not to be a bigot first! I’d kill animals humanely— All my cattle, sheep, …

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Jan 28 2014

“We Assert That Images Of The Spiritual Leaders Of All Religions Should Be Deemed To Be Respectful”

So… if, by law, religious figures Are deserving of respect From the meditating Buddha To the Manson, spittle-flecked, From the image of Mohammed To the memory of Jim Jones, From Joseph Smith to Jesus Christ To dusty relics’ bones From the ancients on Olympus To the modern Kanye West, I’m required to respect them Shall …

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Jan 24 2014

Texas Judge Rules: Pull The Plug

The mother died back in November, remember? She’d made clear her wishes (as all of us ought) But, sadly, this happened in Texas, the nexus Of Christian intrusion in government thought Her will was denied, for a baby that maybe Would live for an hour, with help from machines; The state says “we’ve got to …

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Jan 17 2014

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Struck Down

A judge in Pennsylvania Did his utmost to explain: “Ya Gotta let the people vote—and make it easy!” He said “Voting’s fundamental!” And the message that he sent’ll Go a ways to fix a process that’s, well, sleazy. Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley Found the state’s case spread too thinly And the “voter fraud” more …

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Jan 15 2014

“Hostility Toward Religion”, or “Religious Hostilities”?

Let us celebrate the power Of the simple preposition Making bullies into martyrs with a word When the truth is somewhat sour Simply make a small edition Though the putative conclusion is absurd When “religion” and “hostility” The Pew researchers mixed, It’s religion on religion causing harm To the best of their ability The Post …

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Jan 14 2014

Spreading God’s Wrath–er, I mean Love, Globally

In America, the culture wars Are given up for dead; We can’t kill gays here (legally)— Let’s kill them there instead The bible belt is loosening— Think bigotry? Think twice! But hey, the world’s a big, big place… Uganda sure looks nice. Ugandan evangelicals; American support— A match that’s made in heaven, or At least …

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