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Mar 31 2014

PZ Gets Demoted

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 5.55.48 PM

You should make a major issue Of incinerating tissue If you don’t, we’ll make you wissue Had a different point of view! Cos abortion can’t be easy And the doctors must be sleazy So the comments made by PZ Are a special sort of woo! If his scientific training Contradicts what we’re maintaining Does it …

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Apr 18 2008

I Am The Very Model Of A Devious Creationist

Ok, this is what comes of being just a bit too obsessive. On this thread over at pharyngula, is copious evidence that PZ’s commenters are a talented bunch! (Go ahead, look–you know you want to!) But somebody asked where I was, and long story short, my brain now hurts from putting the following together. (on …

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Mar 25 2008

Expelled: The Ballad

Come gather round people, I’ll sing you the taleIt’s bigger by far than a land-dwelling whaleCompared to it, stories from Shakespeare will paleIt’s glitter, and glamour, and glory,More drama than all the last season of Maury It all started out with a promising planWith two different views of the journey of ManAnd so nice and …

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Mar 07 2008

Love, Love, Love…

An interesting little post, over on Pharyngula; apparently some artist (not gonna link–he likes it when you link) has claimed that atheists, as far as he can tell, do not believe in love. News to me, of course, and I am certain it would surprise anyone who knew me. I would have thought that love …

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Feb 08 2008

Captain Ahab… er, Myers, and the Whale

I was thinking…  just reflecting on history… and it came to me, that the high seas of long ago were the routes of communication, of commerce, of social discourse–they were the internet of the past.  Or, rather, the internet is the high seas of the present.  The following is a sea shanty, a tale best …

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Nov 09 2007

Fight! Fight!

Another of the comments on Pharyngula that I had not planned on posting here. The context: a hissy-fit slapfight amongst competing blogs.  You’ve probably seen it before–one blogger says something about another, and before you know it, people all over the world are puffing out their chests from the safety of their computer keyboards, calling …

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