When Anxiety Comes

When anxiety comes, as it so often does,
And my brain is surrounded with thorns and with fuzz
So my thinking is shaky, and riddled with doubts
(Not sharp as a tack, as it recently was)
When anxiety comes, and predictable bouts
Of insomnia give me a case of the dumbs,
It’s a day like today… when anxiety comes. [Read more…]

Meatspace Report

In case you were wondering, it is entirely possible to have a memorial/funeral service with absolutely no religious overtones (or even undertones, or, frankly, tones). My estimate is that a bit less than half of the people there were atheists… a bit less than a third were openly atheist, though that is a hard thing to know.

I had a blatantly atheist speech prepared, but only on the condition that a drastically religious speech called out for mine. I was very happy to give my non-blatantly atheist speech. Along with many other heartfelt recollections, from many others.

All in all, it was beautiful.

Thanks for your patience.