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Aug 20 2013

The Other Kind Of Blue Moon

So… I learned something new today. I had known for some time of the “second full moon in the same month” definition, but it turns out that is the second definition. Before it (and still, but less well known perhaps thanks to Nanci Griffith and Patrick Alger), it turns out that a Blue Moon is …

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Aug 08 2013

Feelings And Actions

He felt he was in love again—so many years had passed And every time he saw her face, his heart would beat so fast It happened out in public—you could see it all along But surely, it was out of love, and could not, thus, be wrong He never hid his feelings—he was sure to …

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Jan 07 2012

I Was Wrong! (Yes, You Can Make This Up!)

I am happy as a pig in mud to say I was very wrong–I was suckered by a very good (ok, you might think it was obvious, but I admit it fooled me) parody. Take a look at the Manka Bros, singing some “Praise-Hop”… or maybe “Praise-Bop”. Poe’s law holds true again; they fooled me …

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