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Nov 19 2008

Throat In A Jar?

The same methodology used to produceThe remarkable “heart in a jar”Has created a trachea, almost from scratch,And it looks like it’s working, so far!The organ was made from the stem cells extractedFrom marrow they drew from her hip,And a collagen shell from a donor cadaverWhose windpipe was one they could snip.The trachea, treated with antibioticsAnd …

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Feb 11 2008

Valentine’s Day Is Almost Here!

Only a few more days until it will be too late to pretend you did anything other than panic at the last minute and elbow three other people out of the way to get the last remaining Hallmark Valentine–the one with a family-friendly cute double-entendre featuring a cartoon dog and the fingerprints of the thousand …

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Jan 17 2008

Matters Of The Heart (… in a jar)

It’s all over the news–researchers at the University of Minnesota have “created a beating heart in the laboratory“. Basically, they used the protein fiber matrix from one heart, stripped of muscle cells, as a scaffold upon which to grow a new heart, using a solution of cells from another rat. Yeah. I know, all this …

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