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Jan 31 2013

To The Editor…

To the editors and readers: I am writing to respond to a letter from December; one that clearly went beyond any measure of civility in how it framed its views, so I’m writing in rebuttal, so the citizens can choose. Let me first list my credentials, and define my expertise, so you’ll know I’m not …

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Jan 20 2013

Losing My Religion In A Major Way

Well, a major key, actually. Via Open Culture, a bit of computer rejigging by MajorScaledTV, turns a familiar minor-key song… weird: Sure, pretty much everybody will prefer the original, but this is a neat exercise. I just wonder how many times I will have to listen to it before my eyelid stops twitching. (Ok, you …

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Jan 17 2013

Not Sad, Just Amused

I got a payment from Lulu today (somewhere in the low double digits), representing my Christmas revenue from my books. Seven people got a copy of one of my books–in four countries on two continents! Which is really cool, actually. Ok, three of them got free copies (word to the wise–this means if you look …

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Dec 06 2012

I *Told* You I Have The Best Commenters…

As a public service for those who read the posts, but don’t look at comments, I want to show off some of the songwriting abilities of commenters “badgersdaughter” and “zekehoskin”. I had invited readers to contribute their own verses to “What did you do in the war (against Christmas)?“… From badgersdaughter: I sent my love …

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Nov 16 2012

Sepia Friday

That is, not quite Black Friday (or CyberMonday) yet. But I’ve been tweaking the store just a little bit, so consider this a soft opening. Let me know if there are any problems. There are the regular Cuttlefish With Quill t-shirts and such, the best mug in the world (and matching glassware, if you like), …

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Oct 26 2012

Looking For Quotes

I’m considering a caper With a printer and some paper But my brain has turned to vapor And I’ve only so much ink I am looking for quotations I can pin up in locations That will tickle the sensations And might make the readers think If you know a bit of writing That’s important or …

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Oct 08 2012

Digital Cuttlefish FanFic?

Erm… Um…*blush*… And in what I hope is a completely unrelated tidbit, a reader found xir way here yesterday by googling the phrase “What disease makes you rhyme?” Answer? I don’t know, but if any of you find out, and it turns out there’s a treatment? Keep it to yourself.

Jul 16 2012

Cuttlefish Spotted In The Wild


Yay, a milestone! The first pic of a Cuttlefish sticker on the car of a reader! Thanks, niftyatheist! I wonder if I will ever see one on the car in front of me in traffic. Pic, after the jump:

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Jul 12 2012

The Genuine Article

EvolveFISH’s Gavin sends a pic of the actual Cuttlefish sticker–alongside one of their more traditional designs, for a sense of scale. On their site, I very much preferred the black sticker; seeing the white one here, I am wavering. Pic after the jump:

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Jul 10 2012

Wanted: Strong Demand

Update: Here’s the link to the product page. (currently they have the image mis-attributed; Mike McRae is, of course, the designer of the Cuttlefish With Quill, and I modified it for the emblem myself.) Ok, so yesterday’s “Prototype” post included the facetious note to the EvolveFish people that this is what they were missing. The …

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