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Apr 12 2014

God Goes To Court In New York

A little bit short On His credit report? No, you don’t want to mess with divinity— Y’see, God is the sort Who will take you to court If you say He can’t buy His Infiniti. A silly little story on NPR: As the saying goes, “In God We Trust, all others pay cash.” But in …

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Apr 11 2014

The Second Song

My iTunes is set on “shuffle” I like it much better this way I’ll listen to one, cos I want to, But I don’t know the next that will play I sometimes engage in obsessing– A song will get stuck in my head– And I think I will know what comes after, And a different …

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Mar 29 2014

There Are Miracles, And Then There Are Miracles

Be careful what you pray for.

Mar 15 2014


Just finished an absolutely wonderful book (about which, more later); in the notes was a mention of Terry Bisson’s wonderful short story “They’re Made out of Meat”. Studio 360 aired a version a while ago–give a listen: Bisson’s site has the transcript (or rather, the original story), for those who want. I love it.

Mar 11 2014

Don’t Panic!

… but it has been thirty years since the original Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game was released. I remember playing it. A 30th anniversary online version of the game is now available over at the BBC: A word of warning This game will kill you frequently. It’s a bit mean like that. But don’t …

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Feb 22 2014


Good-bye, all my friends— It’s been good; it’s been fun, Ah, but everything ends, And the end has begun. It’s the last deadline ever And not to my liking, But I know I should never Cross swords with a Viking Now Fenrir is pacing And Odin will die It’s the end we are facing And …

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Feb 12 2014

Happy Darwin Day!

I am A) exhausted from a long day, and B) sick as a dog. Or maybe two dogs. I can’t breathe, I can’t think, I can’t … something. But it’s Darwin Day today, to I get to link to two earlier bits, both of which deserve it. One is a song addressed to Darwin himself, …

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Feb 09 2014

Time To Eat The Dog–The Video

I was delighted, today, to hear from a student from Christ University, in Bangalore. As I have noted before, a bit of my doggerel is included in a textbook used in some English classes in India; these students were tasked with creating a visual interpretation of a poem, and they chose mine. As I look …

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Feb 07 2014

Genesis II (Or III, or IV, or…)

A puddle full of chemicals Was baking in the sun When some combined a different way And new life was begun It replicated, once or twice Till now there were a bunch— They chanced on an amoeba, though, Which ate them all for lunch. Some inorganic molecules Embedded in some clay Began a new reaction, …

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Jan 19 2014

Constrained Writing (or, Happy Birthday, Edgar Allan Poe!)

Constraining one’s writing Can make it exciting Constraints make it better, not worse It requires more thought (Or, they tell me, it ought) To express what you want, say, in verse. But I’ve just seen an ode Nearly written in code– With multiple layers of constraints Take a look, if you will, At this beauty …

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