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Jul 15 2014

“Religious Freedom Is Fading…”

I’ve got Jesus in my bedroom I’ve got Jesus in the halls I’ve got paintings, prints, and posters Of my savior on my walls There’s a Jesus on my dashboard While I’m driving down the street; And my shirt says “Jesus loves you” To the strangers I might meet Now, my neighbors’ yard is filled …

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Jul 09 2014

“A Symbol Of National Unity”

I shouldn’t be shocked—hey, they’re only the news, They can say what they want with impunity— But it took me aback that they called a cathedral A “symbol of national unity”. It’s a beautiful building, I have to admit, (Darth Vader hides in the façade!) But it seems our one nation once deemed indivisible Separates …

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Jul 05 2014

On The Deeply Held Religious Beliefs Of Corporations

A local corporation is a member of my church Though it never puts a dollar in the plate I haven’t seen it in the pews, no matter how I search Though it claims it’s more devout than me, of late It reads its bible daily, and of course it watches Fox, It’s offended by the …

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Jun 24 2014

An Atheist Town Council Prayer

The town of Greece, NY, as a result of their recent court decision, is going to have a town council opening prayer delivered by an atheist. This has left a segment of the Christian population utterly befuddled; when the bible is the only book you need, you are not likely to have a dictionary handy. …

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Feb 13 2014

Sixty Years Under God

I don’t know how I missed this–Monday was a big anniversary: Feb. 10, 2014 was the 60th anniversary of the original congressional move in 1954 that added “under God” to the official Pledge of Allegiance, and state lawmakers all over the country have introduced resolutions to mark that unfortunate moment in American history. Given that …

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Jan 29 2014

Pissing Off The Atheists

They took the crosses down, that used to stand at City Hall The took the face of Jesus from its place there on the wall They didn’t leave a single thing—they took them, one and all So I’m hatching up a plan to make them pay! You put a cross in your yard, and I’ll …

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Jan 27 2014

Wait… A Town Is Going To Move Its Cross Without Going To Court?

Though the Christians could say “Batten Down the hatches!” here in Stratton They’ve decided unexpectedly to follow good advice: “You’d do best to cut your losses By distributing the crosses— Maybe put them in some private yards; I’m sure they’d still look nice.” Former Mayor, Fred Abdalla Found removal hard to swallow: “Move our crosses? …

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Jan 16 2014

Just Marking Their Territory

Everywhere the big dog goes, he leaves his little sign Alerting all the other dogs, “This property is mine!” “This is mine, and this is mine, and this and this and this!” He makes a claim of ownership, and seals it with a piss He roams the streets and alleyways, and all around the town …

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Jan 07 2014

Oklahoma Satanist Monument Now Fully Funded

That didn’t take long. As of this posting, they have $20,389 $21,455 of their proposed $20,000. I like commenter Randomfactor’s idea; the statue should have built-in webcam eyes. Maybe a few more bucks… reading the various stories on this proposed statue, there is no shortage of volunteers ready to welcome it with open arms (of …

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Jan 06 2014

Proposed Oklahoma Satanist Monument Is Really Quite Gorgeous

Though they’re looking for permission, They’ve not quite received it yet; But the Satanists’ new statue— The goat-headed Baphomet— Is more stunning than the Decalogue Of simple, stark, black granite By the Oklahoma capitol, The place where they began it If it’s deemed a public forum Baphomet will find a spot Just as public, to …

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