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Apr 22 2012

An Earth Day Verse

By chance of birthWe’re here on Earth,More lucky than we knowWith such a brain As can explainThe way these things must go That life beganNot with a manNamed Adam, and his EveBut molecules In tidal poolsThat replicate and cleave To replicateIt is their fateAnd thus to reproduceThe Earth revolvesAnd life evolvesAnd all this, we deduce …

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Apr 14 2012

Two Thirds Of Everything

I bought a bunch of groceries—the things I like to eat— Some lovely fruits and vegetables, a loaf of bread, some meat; I picked my way through produce, and I only chose the best. I’ll eat about two thirds of it, and throw away the rest.

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Mar 08 2012

Exodus II?

The Kiribati islands While they never have been dry lands Have been sinking, as the ocean levels rise; As each island’s head goes under People leave, and it’s no wonder— Now they’re planning for their future, which is wise With the ocean levels rising It is not at all surprising That they’re looking to protect …

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Oct 23 2011

Kill! Kill! Kill!

On an overcast day off of west-coast Australia A man, from his boat, took a dive But he’d chosen a spot that’s a diner for sharks So he never would surface alive. The order has come now, to search and destroy Permission to kill them on sight It’s sharks being sharks, in their home habitat …

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Oct 09 2011

In Case Of Bear Attack…

The headlines, it is true, will claim That vicious killers were to blame Which now are merely “wild game” And good for shooting And that it’s true that wolves, or sharks, Or grizzly bears in wooded parks Have taken humans as their marks I’m not refuting But I’m the one who’s out of place Invading …

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Oct 01 2011

One Person Per Car

Look at them driving—one person per car— Some driving forever; some not very far They want to be somewhere that’s not where they are So off they go driving, one person per car. Some drive for a living; some drive just for fun Some drive to the gym, then get out and go run Then …

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