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Nov 01 2012

Donors Choose… Incentives!

Ok, just got the word–there is a donor who is matching small donations (up to $100), so you can double the effect of your money! Just enter the match code “SCIENCE” (without quotes) in the box labeled “match or gift code”, on the page where you are entering your payment info for paypal or credit …

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Oct 28 2012

Trick Or Treat–Ahead Of The Storm

So because of the upcoming apocalypse hurricane nor’easter storm, the powers that be moved trick-or-treating up two nights, to tonight. Without telling me. Or Cuttledog. I was prepared. Cuttledog was not. Much barking ensued. It was an evening filled with many Captains America, a handful of Iron Men, and the usual assortment of witches, kitties, …

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Oct 26 2012


Still busy, but I thought I’d pop in to say thanks–both to the people who are supplying me with wonderful quotes, and to the people who have already donated to Donors Choose via my page. It’s Friday (hey, I just realized–I have *still* not heard that song–Yay!), which means payday for some people… so I’m …

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Oct 22 2012

Donors Choose Re-Booted

Ok, I now have a brand new page just for this year, without all the pesky compliments and accolades from last year’s comments (*blush*). It will soon be up in my sidebar, but I also want to put it here–in part because one of my (my?) teachers from last year has a project that is …

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Oct 19 2012

Donors Choose

Pretty soon now, you’ll be able to see a widget in the sidebar over there to the right, that looks something like this: For now, you can use this one. Anyway, it’s that time of year, when you would pretty much chew off your own leg to be done with all the attention on the …

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Oct 20 2011

Last Donors Choose Post

Today, Friday, Saturday. That’s it. The good news is, the Powers That Be are, for those three days, doubling all donations. If you donate (even as little as a dollar), they will (if I remember correctly) send you a voucher for you to choose where to spend that same amount on the same or other …

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Oct 19 2011

Home Stretch

The science bloggers’ challenge, in Donors Choose, is rapidly coming to an end. The official challenge (which FtB is leading handily, even with PZ mis-categorized) ends this Saturday, one day after the end of the world. As of this writing, four of my pet projects have been funded (yay!), one timed out without being funded …

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Oct 15 2011

That’s Some Pig

Over at my recent Donors Choose Feedback post, I just got a comment (at about 4 AM–I wonder what time zone?) with a bit of a plea: OK, it’s not exactly a science project (well maybe if you stretch — animal husbandry? the life-cycle of the order order Araneae?), but this Donors Choose project to …

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Oct 13 2011


I got an email from the Donors Choose people. One of the projects I had chosen to support… didn’t make it. They timed out without getting the money they needed for their project. Hey, it happens, about one project in ten, said the email. I felt like I had personally failed them. Still feel that …

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Oct 11 2011

Donors Choose: Feedback

Mrs. Holloway, Ms. Kelly, Mrs. Hickman, and Ms. Smith Have each written to convey their deepest gratitude So I thought I’d share their message, and I add my thanks as well, I assure you, it is more than just a platitude. But the contest isn’t finished; no, the battle’s just begun Since Scicurious is mustering …

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