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Jul 03 2014

Tornado Warnings, Now And Then

It was just the other morning When we heard the weather warning And we tried to drag the pets downstairs, for shelter from the storm I remembered, with a chortle, I was young once, and immortal, And defied the nearing twisters, playing Frisbee by the dorm Ah, but real life can be frightening— I’ve since …

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Jun 04 2014

“I promise that your eyes will keep on watching…”

We gather together on Sundays With people who share our belief Our community spans generations In collective elation or grief We’re transformed in ecstatic communion There are times we—as one—hold our breath We have given our hearts to our passion In a way that defies even death This is bigger by far than religion Even …

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Feb 16 2014

TV Snake-Handler Dies (Spoiler: Not Old Age)

There once was a pastor Who handled some snakes For goodness’ sakes— He handled snakes! (He knew the stakes) There once was a serpent With venomous bite Oh, what a plight! A venomous bite! (And deadly, quite) The pastor, he handled; The serpent, he bit With a venomous spit He bit and bit (And wouldn’t …

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Jan 28 2014

A Time To Be Born; A Time To Die

Pete Seeger has died. Other places will eulogize him far better than I could here. I’ll just note that it is a certainty that, had there been no Pete Seeger, there would be no Digital Cuttlefish.

Jan 25 2014

I Need Some Advice…

For an upcoming funeral. The deceased was a Christmas-and-Easter churchgoer; most (a slim majority) of the extended family are atheist, with a mix of religions (mostly various Protestant Christian) a strong minority. And one daughter, Catholic, who wants to sing The Lord’s Prayer at the memorial. The question I was asked, and which I am …

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Jan 24 2014

Texas Judge Rules: Pull The Plug

The mother died back in November, remember? She’d made clear her wishes (as all of us ought) But, sadly, this happened in Texas, the nexus Of Christian intrusion in government thought Her will was denied, for a baby that maybe Would live for an hour, with help from machines; The state says “we’ve got to …

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Dec 16 2013

The *Real* “End Of The End Of The World”

Though “the end of the world!” grabs the headlines (“Armageddon!” is easily said) There are false, and some all-too-real deadlines… And now “Wrong-Again Harold” is dead. Via Sharon Hill’s wonderful “Doubtful News”, word that Harold Camping is dead. You may remember him from such doomsday predictions as May 21, 2011 or October 21, 2011, both …

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Sep 22 2013

“Why Don’t Atheists Just Kill Themselves?”

I’d constructed the ultimate sandwich Perfection in bread, cheese, and meat But there’s something I don’t understand, which Has been making it harder to eat See, although it is surely delightful There’s a truth that I cannot suspend That at some point, I’ll reach the last bite full And the pleasure will come to an …

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Sep 09 2013

Narendra Dabholkar

His name’s not familiar—not here in the states— And we don’t know the things he’s said But his work made him someone a fraud really hates He was good; he was right; now he’s dead. Although the interwebs make it possible for us to peer in on the entire world (or nearly), we generally don’t. …

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Aug 04 2013

Mortality, And Blue Glowing Worms

Observing dying worms, we see A glowing blue mortality Beginning in the head— It spreads, still glowing, gradually, And with the light, eventually, C elegans is dead. The genes that moderate this show Are widely shared, and so we know That people have them too And when it’s time to let life go The worms …

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