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Dec 22 2008


Ah… XKCD has done it again! (and of course my formatting screws it up–click image for the full comic!) A cuttlefish learns, so amazing quickly,And oh so incredibly much—We’ve figured out chemistry, quantum mechanics,Biology, Physics, and such;We could, if we chose to, go traipsing through wormholesTo galaxies light-years away;But frankly, there’s something more baffling to …

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Feb 18 2008

Stop The Presses!

Randall tells me, as does “The Loom” over on science blogs, that there is a wonderful article about me in the New York Times! Ok, it’s not about me. It is, however, about some other cuttlefish–some at the Woods Hole lab, some in Australia, but all wonderful cuttlefish, the most remarkable quick-change artists in the …

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Dec 15 2007

It was Cephalopodmas…

It was Cephalopodmas, and all through the blogsNot a writer was stirring—all sleeping like logs.Each blogosphere-dweller, from Orac to PZWas all bundled up and just taking it easy.Their prone, sleeping forms, that might well have been graniteSlept through the most wonderful tale on the planet!For all ‘cross the globe, from the oceans and seas,All the …

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Dec 09 2007


Of all the creatures in the worldDeserving to be knit (and purled)I think it’s clear, we all would wishA cute and cuttly cuddlefish. A comment-writer, “Impolite”Has, very clearly, got it rightSo now, the screen of my computerShows a pic that can’t be cuter It’s beautiful, this much is clear,So huggable, so very dear, So soft …

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Dec 03 2007

Please, Australia!

Deep-Sea News reports that my cousins the Giant Australian Cuttlefish may be in serious trouble. It seems they had the lack of foresight to evolve in an area where featherless bipeds would eventually discover uranium, copper, and gold. As of this writing, the link to the original Australian source is down, so you will have …

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Nov 26 2007

A Squidmas Carol

Now… I am not, technically, a fan of Squidmas; I have always preferred the more inclusive Cephalopodmas, myself. But some shiftless bum who goes by the name “shiftlessbum” asked nicely, on Pharyngula, if I could “pen a Squidmas carol”. So here is the first. First thing–it is not a poem, it is a song; if …

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Nov 11 2007

Cuttlefish in Genesis

So I was ego-surfing, and basking in all the wonderful cephalopoddity that comes with being a cuttlefish, when I happened upon a delightful little piece on cuttlefish, written by those helpful and friendly people at Answers in Genesis. Sure, the article was a few years old, but it was the first I had seen it, …

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Nov 02 2007

Cute, cute, cute…

The cutest of all of the cephalopods(And thus, of all creatures on Earth)Is the cuttlefish, cuter by staggering oddsThan a puppy or kitten at birth.Attempting to list all the cuttlefish charmsIs a noble, though hopeless, endeavor;From their tails, to their eyes, to their marvelous arms–And they’re oh-so-endearingly clever!The shifting displays their chromatophores showAre delightful to …

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Oct 10 2007

Cephalopoetry #2

Also posted Oct 8 on Pharyngula Architeuthis Double-Dactyl Haughtily, naughtilyDeep-sea biologistsClaimed “We will never findFifty-foot squid!” Nobody told, though, theCryptoteuthologistBlissfully ignorant,That’s what he did. Nautilus Limerick The nautilus swims back-to frontWhich is quite an unusual stuntBut his shell–which is oddFor a cephalopod–When he bumps into things, bears the brunt! Cuttlefish Physiology Limerick Look again, and …

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Oct 10 2007

Cephalopoetry #1

Posted on Pharyngula, Oct 8 A Cuttlefish Limerick or Three The cuttlefish: Squid-like, you think?Just a cephalopod in the drink?Then you also should know itRefers to a poet,Or any who hide in their ink. For writers who think that they’re oddAnd ignored, by indifferent God,Don’t allow yourself–perishThe thought, and just cherishYour label of “Cephalopod” For …

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