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Jul 24 2012

That’s A Strange Car…

Which just reminds us that everything is better with cuttlefish. Not just cars. Hat tip to Mark, via twitter!

Jul 20 2012



Yeah, eventually I’ll get sick of posting pics of cuttlefish car stickers in the wild, but it won’t be for some time. This time, it’s Ctenotrish who has sent me the pic. (I expect mine in the mail soon, perhaps even today.) Pic after yon jumpage:

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Jul 16 2012

Cuttlefish Spotted In The Wild


Yay, a milestone! The first pic of a Cuttlefish sticker on the car of a reader! Thanks, niftyatheist! I wonder if I will ever see one on the car in front of me in traffic. Pic, after the jump:

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Jul 12 2012

The Genuine Article

EvolveFISH’s Gavin sends a pic of the actual Cuttlefish sticker–alongside one of their more traditional designs, for a sense of scale. On their site, I very much preferred the black sticker; seeing the white one here, I am wavering. Pic after the jump:

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Jul 11 2012

Their Version

The EvolveFISH version of my sigil. Nice. Better than nice–that’s beautiful–gorgeous. I love it. (Yes, as of this writing, the attribution is still wrong–the original is by Mike McRae, modified by me–Kris Ryan had nothing to do with it.) Now, as the cephalopod who holds the copyright, all I want to know is… Do I …

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Jul 10 2012

Wanted: Strong Demand

Update: Here’s the link to the product page. (currently they have the image mis-attributed; Mike McRae is, of course, the designer of the Cuttlefish With Quill, and I modified it for the emblem myself.) Ok, so yesterday’s “Prototype” post included the facetious note to the EvolveFish people that this is what they were missing. The …

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Jul 09 2012


What all well-dressed cars will be wearing this season...

So I got bored. A bit of scrap wood, a scroll saw, and some paint later…

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Apr 17 2012

Cuttlefishism II

Some of you may remember the discovery of the Cuttlefishism religion; I am happy to report that the founders have noticed our attempts at exploring their delightful playground. In a comment here, the original admin says: I’m the original admin for the site. If there’s enough interest I’ll go in and redo the site to …

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Mar 02 2010

Cuttle-fish, Cuttle-fish, Cuttle!

First, the only viddy I could find with John Reed–from The Mikado, the beautiful “Willow, Tit-Willow” (and unless you are already familiar with the song, you need to watch it before continuing): Unbelievably, this is is the only John Reed video I could find online! I can only hope that his fans will remedy the …

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Dec 27 2008


Much too busy to write right now. But I thought I’d share this beautiful new Digital Cuttlefish! Now all I have to do is decide how to use it! New banner? Signature? I have to do something, so it is familiar when it graces the cover of volume 2, whenever that comes out! Any of …

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