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Jan 09 2014

Ken Ham Clearly Doesn’t Believe (I Hope)

So I was just out walking the cuttledogs, and it occurred to me that the whole notion of a Noah’s Ark Theme Park showed either an incredible lack of belief on the part of the planners, or a psychopathic lack of empathy. I mean, it’s a theme park. Think Disney. But it’s built around the …

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Dec 10 2013

Nonhuman Rights On Trial

An octopus solves puzzles; A chimpanzee can add An elephant expresses When it’s happy or it’s sad A finch that’s after grub-worms Uses twigs and thorns as tools We thought them foolish animals They showed us we’re the fools A honeybee has language, and A cunning corvid plans— Though different in important ways From those …

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Oct 29 2013

If Obama’s An Atheist, He’s Sure Got A Funny Way Of Showing It

I’m certain Obama’s an atheist The clues are all there, if you search— Like the way he supports public praying And the way he has long gone to church His support for the faith-based initiatives And his scripture reflections each day Yes, I’m certain Obama’s an atheist Cos the clues are all there on display. …

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Sep 30 2013

What? You Disagree With Me?

Professor Cuttlefish? I’m scared; I feel I might be unprepared— I understand your point, but see, I think I disagree! My other classes share a view That isn’t really shared by you It sometimes feels like splitting hairs, But really, I like theirs! I’ve got this fear I cannot mask So, much as I’m afraid …

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Aug 12 2013

How Could Anyone Disagree?

I have grown quite accustomed To freethinking sorts So I’m used to the things that we say The atheist angle On latest reports Or our spin on the news of the day; A breadth of opinion (It’s quite a broad mix) And a thorough review of the laws With proper attention To article six And …

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Jul 20 2013

Oh, Nothing, Really….

When philosophers talk about “nothing” Why, their nothing has nothing at all No time, and no space, and no matter, Not even the quantumly small When philosophers talk about “nothing” It’s a special and magical word But it isn’t the “nothing” that physicists see, Cos the thing is, it must be inferred Now, this doesn’t …

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Jul 10 2013


Thinkingly, winkingly, Internet videos Promise us puppies who Patently plan; Claim that it isn’t just Anthropomorphism— Clearly, these canines are Thinking like Man Over at NPR’s 13.7:Cosmos And Culture blog, Barbara J. King has another of her pieces on animal cognition. I very much enjoy these, even when I fundamentally disagree…like today. The post is …

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Jun 25 2013

Those Dead-Eyed, Soulless Atheist Types

The eyes are the windows to the soul Or at least, that’s how they are credited; And demons show up in a camera’s view When the image is printed unedited— The atheist hordes have no spirits inside, You can tell from their cold, lifeless eyes; Of course, they will claim it’s a trick of the …

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May 24 2013

Call Me Crazy, But…

It’s difficult, looking for just the right word, So it’s tempting to get a bit lazy; And critics of someone’s behavior might claim The behavior they’re seeing is crazy. Unless there is reason (most often, there’s not) To suspect that the cause is insanity, You’re dissing the mentally ill with your slight, But the group …

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Mar 03 2013

If You Don’t Agree With This, You’re An Idiot

It’s the modern world I live in, And I use it when I can I get all my information From my common, fellow man I won’t venture an opinion Till I see what others think— And I’ll read it all in pixels, Cos I cannot wait for ink. Yes, the internet is perfect When you …

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