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Sep 11 2011

Australian Cuttlefish Backstory

I knew I’d seen these cuttlefish before. Back in December of 2007, they were in the news. The latest–the proposed desalination plant–is only the latest blow. In fact, the plant’s purpose is to provide water for the mining process. So, from nearly 4 years ago, after the jump:

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Sep 11 2011

Save The Cuttlefish!

“Cuttlefish Country” is my kind of country; I’d love to go visit, some day. So I’m asking your help; go and sign their petition, There’s really no time for delay. There’s a plan to pump brine, left from desalination To Point Lowly, where the cuttlefish mate; This year, just one tenth of the cuttlefish showed— …

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Aug 02 2011

The Octopus Gods

Image: Michael McRae Oh, the cephalopods have their Octopus Gods, With tentacles stronger than steel, Who have taken down ships with their powerful grips And made many a sailor a meal. They win wrestling matches with submarine hatches Like popping a tin of sardines Then it’s horrible cries, and tears in the eyes Of the …

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Dec 15 2009

Getting The Ball Rolling

Just as a followup to yesterday’s exceedingly cool octopus video, another exceedingly cool octopus video. ‘Neath the waves, at the turn of the tide,Where the sand gives you nowhere to hideSavvy octopi* knowThere’s just one way to go–Find a coconut shell; crawl inside! *don’t even start.

Dec 14 2009

What The…?

Inkily, Slinkily, Tool-using octopus Armors its body with Coconut shells; Film has been shot of this Cephalopoddity– Gives me the mother of All “What the Hell?”‘s Excellent coverage by the BBC here. Dr Mark Norman, head of science at Museum Victoria, Melbourne, and one of the authors of the paper, said: “It is amazing watching …

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Jun 07 2008

Where In The World Is The Digital Cuttlefish?

I am wand’ring the earth, to its endsBut I feel that I must make amendsWhile I’ve traveled, I fearI’ve neglected you here–So a picture, or two, of some friends! (I took these just a couple of days ago…) Thank you all for your wishes and greetings; I have a bit of forced downtime today on …

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Apr 11 2008

Friday Limericks: Under The Sea

Maybe it is just those prepared cuttlefish snacks, but I am in the mood for fish. ‘Midst the seaweeds and sponges and coralsLive the cephalopods; and their quarrelsWill come, often, to blows–A behavior which showsA deplorable absence of morals! A grey-haired and bearded signoreWith a snorkel and mask, took a forayTo a reef, but gave …

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Feb 26 2008

Ethics, morals, religion, and swarms of breeding squid.

Ok, not much time today–tests to make, papers to grade, that sort of thing. So I am simply putting a comment from last week on Pharyngula into some context. A recent Pew report on religion in the US was one of the lead stories on all the networks last night. On CBS, they spoke of …

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Feb 18 2008

Stop The Presses!

Randall tells me, as does “The Loom” over on science blogs, that there is a wonderful article about me in the New York Times! Ok, it’s not about me. It is, however, about some other cuttlefish–some at the Woods Hole lab, some in Australia, but all wonderful cuttlefish, the most remarkable quick-change artists in the …

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Jan 20 2008

A Nautical Yarn…

Oh, my! I have found it! Ok, it’s not a knit brain or teratoma, but hey, I am not “the digital teratoma”, so I am happy as a cephalopod with a Mr. Potato Head to find this site, with patterns for knitting some of my favorite sea creatures! I am not affiliated with the site …

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