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Nov 05 2013

Dumb Question For You

Does anyone know what font it is that my banner is in? The “The Digital Cuttlefish” part, not the verse. It is not one I have seen anywhere but here, and I’m not the one who put my banner together, either here or at the old place. It is not in any way an urgent …

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Nov 04 2013

See, This Is Why You Pay Professionals

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 9.57.58 PM

…cos when you try to do it yourself, you get stuck. I’m actually happy with my cover (don’t judge me!). But I can’t, yet, export it in 300 dpi so I can use it at Lulu. It’s ok–this is only day two and a half of knowing of GIMP’s existence. I’m just frustrated that something …

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Nov 02 2013

Make It Stop!

It was such a simple project, But I had no way of knowing Cos it should have been a simple piece of cake Once you give them some attention Little projects get to growing And they multiply the messes that they make And they only gain momentum So it shows no signs of slowing And …

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Oct 31 2013

But The Ads Are The Best Part!

There’s a psychic with an offer that is gonna change your life And a site where Christians mingle if they’re looking for a wife Politicians with petitions make you miss the “hanging chad” But you’d never know that they exist, unless you read the ad There’s a college in Virginia where they follow Jesus first …

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Oct 12 2013

Questionable Judgment

It’s not that I question your judgment—I do, But for now this is all I am saying: Why would you want someone writing for you Whom you don’t seem to think is worth paying? So she turns down your offer (completely expected) With “thanks but no thanks”, and no more… Just act like professionals do …

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Oct 10 2013

Today I Am Six Years Old

The Digital Cuttlefish Blog, that is. 10/10/07 marked my first four posts on the olde blogge, including one that was probably the comment that earned my Molly award that month. Come to think of it, that first month also has a verse that was in the book of best science blogging for that year. Not …

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Aug 12 2013

How Could Anyone Disagree?

I have grown quite accustomed To freethinking sorts So I’m used to the things that we say The atheist angle On latest reports Or our spin on the news of the day; A breadth of opinion (It’s quite a broad mix) And a thorough review of the laws With proper attention To article six And …

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Aug 01 2013

Happy Birthday, FTB!

I was waiting… but with less than ten minutes to go (East Coast Time), no one has said it. Today, August 1st, marks the second anniversary of Freethought Blogs! Two years ago today, we went live… and promptly crashed the server. These things happen. I am so very happy to have spent 2 years with …

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Jul 22 2013


Three hundred sixty nine. That’s the current number, as of when I got caught up with the present, a moment or two ago. I mentioned, last post, that I’m gathering up my verses in preparation for another book. This 369 verses represents the quick-and-dirty sort–anything that I just hated didn’t make the cut; muse of …

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Jul 21 2013

Two Years At FtB

As the first annual FtBConscience wraps up, it astonishes me to note that my first FtB post went up two years ago today. As I said last year, I thank Ed and PZ for creating this place and populating it with these people. And I especially thank my readers and commenters for helping feed my …

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