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Sep 20 2013

Piecing Together The Fragments Of The Past

Frieze fragment

From fragments sifted from the dirt We piece together what was here An image forms, a poor mosaic; Some details never will be shown. The evidence of daily life— A broken lamp, a shattered vase, A stairway worn with countless steps, The profile of a woman’s face— These buried pieces, lost to time We may …

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Jun 16 2012

Big Week In Bulgarian Skeleton News

Credulity strains As the expert explains That the human remains they have found Are the bones of a saint, Which I think is just quaint– You can’t prove that they ain’t, they expound. In a similar search Through the yard of a church Come some bones that may smirch someone’s name Searchers saw, with a …

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Feb 05 2008

I Want To Go To Greece!!

ScienceDaily reports on a new discovery (actually unearthed last summer) that adds detail to the beginnings of Greek culture: ScienceDaily (Jan. 28, 2008) —The Greek traveler, Pausanias, living in the second century, CE, would probably recognize the spectacular site of the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mt. Lykaion, and particularly the altar of Zeus. At 4,500 …

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