Looking for a quote…

I have tried all the usual quote sources, with no success. My recollection was that this was Abbie Hoffman… which means it could be any number of similar people, or a total failure of my recollection. Anyway, the gist is…

When you censor the freedom to say “fuck”, you censor the freedom to say “fuck the government”. or something vaguely close to that.

I remember this quote, very strongly. I also know that strong memories are not the same as true memories. So I am looking for help. And yes, I am also looking for the quote through my own sources. (and thus far failing, or I wouldn’t be writing this…)


and yeah, everything old is new again.

Day One: Trump (Through Spicer) Lies, Officially.

So, Spicer (and Trump) are caught lying, denying
The things we could see with our very own eyes;
Of course, Trump would find “ours is bigger” a trigger
(The man has some sort of fixation with size).
But everyone knows, for this rally, the tally
Was larger than his was–a vast sea of pink!
So Trump made a move like some Cheeto Benito:
Control what they’re told, you control what they think [Read more…]

The Night Before Christmas, 2016

’Twas the night before xmas, and all through Trump Tower
The underlings dreaded the Three AM hour
They knew that their boss, on his gold-plated shitter
Was busy composing some insult on Twitter
(Since no one would dare to sequester his phone
While he sat on his crapper, he’s safely alone)
And no one—not family, and not secret service—
Could stop him (which made all the underlings nervous). [Read more…]