Oct 06 2013

“We Require A Universal Religion…”

We need a world religion—
Who could dare to disagree?—
Yes, a universal mixture
Of the best of what we see!
Choose the best among the principles,
One faith to serve us all
Free of lies, and war, and prejudice
Duplicity and thrall
One path for us to follow
One road to the divine:
Which faith should be our template?
I’m suggesting, maybe… mine

From the Times of India:

“Religion in its present sectarian form will not work in today’s world-we require a universal religion,” said Ramjee Singh, Gandhian and former member of Parliament. Pointing out that there have been 7,500 wars in the name of religion, Singh said, “The Muslims and the Hindus are fighting, the Christians and Jews are fighting, the Protestants and Catholics are fighting; what is the use of having so many religions? The world should adopt a universal religion that merges the best principles of all religions, a faith that is free of all duplicity, violence and undue temptation.

Actually, it looks like his talk was mostly not about religion, but about politics and public life–the call for a universal religion was made out of the assumption that religion is the necessary path to morality. I’d say his opening pretty much refutes that.

But I have, previously, discovered the distillation of religious truth. He might want to reconsider his plan.

I, myself, think his argument works equally well as an argument against religion at all.


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  1. 1

    Arguing that everyone should have the same religion is like arguing everyone should listen to one type of music. Nobody is going to give up their favourite to listen to something they hate, and those who like silence (the absence of music) don’t want to hear any of it. Both religion and music should be kept in private – where they can freely enjoy it and have every right to – without being obnoxious and annoying others.

  2. 2
    Gregory in Seattle

    And, naturally, the One True Faith For All the World is his religion. And he will gladly start a religious war to prove it. In the name of world peace, of course.

  3. 3
    Gunnar Gällmo

    Once, some people tried to unite Hinduism and Islam; but instead of fusing two religions, they only managed to create a third – Sikhism.

  4. 4

    Much in the same way fish need a universal bicycle.

  5. 5

    As the only ones ever demonstrated to unite all those sectarian types, it seems like it’s once again up to us goddam atheists to fix the problem. Have we given reverse psychology a fair shot?

  6. 6
    Pierce R. Butler

    … Ramjee Singh, Gandhian …

    So the Mahatma has/is his own religion now?

    Do we spell it Gandhism or Gandhiism, or will that serve as the bone of contention for the new Universal Faith’s first Great Schism?

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