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The War On Christmas, In Convenient Poll Form

Over at The Blaze (don’t judge me!), my “war against christmas” verses (collection at link) failed to even get a mention in their round-up of this season’s war. But billboards and banners and nativity scenes and humanlight (which I had not heard of) and the sort did. More importantly, there is a poll! “Who won the war on Christmas?” Don’t they know? There are no winners, only survivors. Sadly, that’s not an option.

The war against christmas is finally over;
The church-bells are solemnly tolling.
So bury the bodies ‘neath acres of clover
And start the traditional polling.


  1. mcbender says

    I have to admit I’m a tad disappointed, Cuttlefish – you didn’t rhyme any of that with “trolling”?

  2. thebookofdave says

    Well, now that the WoC has drawn to a close, when will do launch our offensive on the Easter Front?

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