Headline Muse, 8/27

He’s a former Republican page
With a problem concealing his rage
It’s a terrorist plot—
He myopically thought
There’d be others whom he might engage

Headline: Revealed: Militia leader soldier who ‘killed comrade because he left anarchist group’ was page at 2008 Republican convention

Ok, this is horrible. As much as I expected this years ago, I am horrified that this is happening now.

A former soldier accused of killing two people and leading a plot to assassinate President Obama worked at the last Republican National Convention, it has been revealed.
Isaac Aguigui is currently on trial alongside three comrades charged with murdering another soldier and his girlfriend because they had apparently betrayed their anarchist militia group.

There’s much more to this. We’re looking at a genuine attempt to assassinate government officials and take over. The assumption was that enough other people thought like they did, and would cheer their attempt and join their crusade.

I’m gonna stop here. I hope these people get appropriate news coverage, and are not swept under the rug so as not to seem unkind to the GOP convention… You know, the one that Aguigui attended as a page four years ago.


  1. BCat70 says

    Hate to point this out, but after Todd Akins fiasco, I may be more sensitive to the wording of “legitimate attempt to assassinate government officials and take over”- Because there is no such thing.

  2. Jacques Cuze says

    I truly apologize for picking at nits….

    [strike]”We’re looking at a legitimate attempt to assassinate government officials and take over.”[/strike]

    “We’re looking at a real attempt to assassinate government officials and take over. “

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