Dressing Conservatively

A conservative t-shirt, I’d always been told
Would be simple, and muted in color–not bold.
It wouldn’t have pictures, or writing or such,
Or at most just a bit on the pocket–not much.
Conservative dress meant a suit and a tie,
In the cold of December or heat of July;
Your shoes were well-shined and your trousers were pressed,
And that was the way that conservatives dressed.

At least, that’s the tale I’d been told all along–
Till today, when I find out I’m totally wrong…

How did I get on this mailing list?
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The same email ad had the “Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats”and “Invest in Precious Metals: Buy Lead” T-shirts, and the book “What would Jesus Drink?”


  1. Cuttlefish says

    I actually considered working that into the verse, but it works much better as the reader’s own discovery!

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