Oct 31 2011

Homeopathic Science

It’s a wholly different system–
There are data, but you missed ‘em,
In the infinite dilution of our minds!
Modern medicine is bleaker
Cos our evidence is weaker,
Which is stronger, as our different system finds!

All those articles and studies
That you put out with your buddies,
Which you think will make your evidence more strong?
It is our determination
Through our less-is-more translation,
Each one proves that Western Medicine is wrong!

While you losers have fun losing
We’re diluting and succusing,
Gaining power modern science can’t assess–
And our strongest contribution
May be found in this solution:
Common sense (at just one molecule, or less)!

Strange. When I wrote this last year, PZ was complaining about homeopaths on his campus. Some things never change.

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    Another Byte on the Web

    Just a little problem with this: Homeopathy don’t say that the less that you have something, the stronger that thing becomes, but instead that the less that you have of a thing, the more of it’s effects that you will neutralize/combat. Of course this is bullshit in medical treatments, but in the analogy, the less logic you have, the more ignorance you breed, and the less proof, the more bullshit, which is actually very accurate.

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