May 20 2011

Wrong-Again Harold (A Camping Song)

Wrong-again Harold had made a prediction
Wrong-again Harold was once again wrong
Wrong-again Harold believed in a fiction,
But wrong-again Harold kept chugging along.

Wrong-again Harold had plenty of money
So wrong-again Harold bought billboards and such
People who saw them all thought they were funny
But wrong-again Harold, he didn’t care much

Wrong-again Harold misled the believers
Wrong-again Harold expressed no remorse
Wrong-again, wrong-again,
Wrong-again Harold stayed true to his course.

Wrong-again Harold, he looked through the bible
Wrong-again Harold, he did all the math
Wrong-again Harold, he claim’s he’s reli’ble
And gives us the date and the time of god’s wrath

Wrong-again Harold, I feel I should mention,
Wrong-again Harold has done this before;
Wrong-again Harold, he craves the attention—
Wrong-again Harold’s a media whore.

Wrong-again Harold misled the reporters
Wrong-again Harold expressed no remorse
Wrong-again, wrong-again,
Wrong-again Harold stayed true to his course.

Wrong-again Harold’s not much of a story
Wrong-again Harold has nothing to say
Wrong about rapture and heaven and glory
Please, can we just put this story away?

Wrong-again Harold, the media darling,
Radio, papers, the web, and TV
There on your soapbox, you’ve led me to snarling:
Bury this story, and just let me be!

Wrong-again Harold provided the message
Wrong-again Media, added their force
Wrong-again, wrong-again,
Wrong-again Harold stayed true to his course.

Is there a media outlet anywhere that has not given this man coverage? How many separate stories has he been in, among the major players? This has all the civility of a circus freak show, and I’m sick of it.


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  1. 1

    I don't know what melody you had in mind (if any), but the meter goes very well with the old Temperance song, "Father's a Drunkard and Mother Is Dead.""Weary and tired I've wandered all day,Asking for work but I'm too young they say.All the day long I've been begging for bread,Father's a drunkard and Mother is dead."

  2. 2

    I had no specific tune in mind, but that seems quite right!

  3. 3
    Die Anyway

    I was on a business conference call today and at one point we were setting up meetings for next week and various future project deadlines. I almost (almost) asked why we were bothering since the Rapture was scheduled for this weekend. I didn't have the nerve though. Damn.My bet… there will be not even one-tenth the coverage for the failure of the prediction as there was for the prediction itself.

  4. 4

    The BBC's picked up on the non-believers' aspect, FWIW.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13468131That said,cm (this cm) is five* hours ahead of youcm (*that* cm) is probably doomedcm is thinking it's probably fictionalbut cm will post here if judgement day looms.* -ish.

  5. 5

    What's amusing, CM-anonymous, is that Camping's camp are such a tiny minority of christians, and a small minority of rapture-believing christians; the Beeb's story could have focused on virtually any group's reaction, but implied that christians are on Camping's side. I wonder which is worst–to be grouped with Camping, or to be grouped with atheists.

  6. 6
    Blonde Nonbeliever

    I have evidence to show today was just the False Rapture. I know when the real Save the Date is! It's as clear as day! The numbers don't lie.

  1. 7
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    Ragnarok! » The Digital Cuttlefish

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