Monthly Archive: July 2008

Jul 29 2008

Oh, Ye Of Little Faith!

PZ writes of a fascinating fossil find… A pair of footprints, one overlapping the other, left by a human and a theropod respectively. The fossil is… not terribly convincing. But, of course, there are creationists touting it as the real deal, and as evidence that humans and dinosaurs walked the earth together, just like in …

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Jul 14 2008

The Modest Agnostic, In One Minute!

Wow! Faster than I read it–maybe even faster than I am able to read it! Another stunning performance by The Modest Agnostic. Thank you for, as always, making me sound better than I actually am!

Jul 12 2008

All This Over Ritual Cannibalism?

Wow. Much Ado About A Wafer. Who’d have thunk that this story had legs? As mild as this could have been, I suppose that if you piss off enough people, a number of them will react badly. As many have commented, the law cannot possibly take the side of the church in this case without …

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