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May 26 2008

And A Fishy On The Trunk

Anna Lemma reports (and has been for some time) on a Ford Dealership radio ad that explicitly alienates Atheists, while pandering to an 86% Christian majority. When the rapture sweeps the planetI know Heaven’s my reward,But for now my piece of paradiseI bought from Henry Ford It’s a broken-down jalopy;It’s a rusted piece of junk;But …

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May 23 2008

Friday Limericks–Graduation Day

So this weekend is graduation day for a lot of places around here. Last weekend for some, next weekend for others. Here at Cuttlefish U., commencement is this weekend, but grades are not due until next week. Which means that I am still grading while the students are celebrating. Still grading while I am trying …

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May 21 2008

Oh, wait…

Pharyngula reports on an opinion poll from Britain, revealing widespread belief that god is, in fact, male.  From the Lancashire Evening Post article: A majority of people think God is male with nearly half of the population in Britain believing that all religions discriminate on grounds of gender.Only 1% of people think of God as …

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May 19 2008

“…Ain’t No Place I’d Rather Be…”

“Tennessee, Tennessee…”   PZed reports that the Tennessee State Senate has passed, by unanimous vote, a bill authorizing the State Board of Education to endorse a geocentric flat-earth physics course.  Oh, wait.  Nope.  A non-sectarian course “about the Bible and its impact on the world.”  You know… that could be fun and worthwhile, if the …

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May 18 2008

Three-Quarters Crazy (A Song)

This one really is a song–It has a melody and chords and everything (and yes, it has some odd rhymes–they work when it is actually being sung). I have actually sung it out loud, but I don’t recall ever doing so in the presence of witnesses. I suppose it is possible, though. It’s kinda a …

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May 16 2008

Friday Limericks–Cars, Garages, Repairs, Payments…

…I just spent the morning–all of it–at the garage.  The good news is that the car is now safe for my son to drive.  The bad news is… well, you know what the bad news always is at the garage.  It wasn’t quite a thousand, but it was within spitting distance.  I bike to work, …

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May 14 2008

The Coat In A Jar?

The New York Times reports today, but Boing-Boing got there a few days ago–a recent art exhibit at the MoMA had to be… euthanized. A coat made of “living leather”, a growing garment of mouse stem cells, was growing too fast and had to be put down. Yeah, it’s worth following the links and reading. …

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May 13 2008

Platypus Dreams

Buried in all the cool news about the Platypus last week was a little item that struck me. It seems that we do not look at the Platypus just for its DNA, but for another three letters as well. The Platypus dreams; it has REM sleep. Jerry Siegel, a neuroscientist at UCLA, says he became …

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May 10 2008

Hang The Bastards!

In one of those internet polls we know and love so well, the StarTribune asks the musical question, “Did school officials react properly to the students who did not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance?” As of this writing, 2399 people have voted that the punishment should have been more severe. I hope I can …

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May 09 2008

Friday Limericks–Location, Location, Location

There is, of course, a long tradition of location in limericks. The most famous location would have to be Nantucket, but I am certain you have heard others. If you like your own location, see what you can do with it here! If you would prefer to be somewhere else, immortalize that location in five …

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