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Feb 11 2011

Mubarak steps down

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle… Hosni Mubarak has stepped down as president of Egypt, after weeks of protest in Cairo and other cities.┬áThe news was greeted with a huge outburst of joy and celebration by thousands in Cairo’s Tahrir Square – the heart of the demonstrations. It’s not over yet. There still remains to …

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Feb 03 2011

From on the ground in Egypt

As I mentioned earlier this week, there’s only one thing of any importance happening in the world right now, and it’s happening in Egypt, Tanzania, Yemen and Jordan. The entire world is sitting with bated breath, wondering what the outcome of this sudden and unpredictable outpouring of popular anger will be. This is a story …

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Feb 01 2011

There’s only one important thing happening in the world right now

And it’s happening in Egypt. It’s happening in Tunisia. It’s happening, to a lesser extent, in Yemen and Jordan. If you haven’t been following the story, take 15 minutes and at least get a background on what’s going on. This has the potential to change the entire worldwide political map. Pay attention.

Dec 06 2010

An apology

Regular readers here (numbers have taken a spike in the past couple of weeks – anyone have some insight as to why?) may notice that, after a glut of posting, my posts are becoming less frequent and smaller. Please interpret this as a lack of free time, rather than a lack of interest. As I …

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Nov 11 2010

Je me souviens

No post today. It’s Remembrance Day. We all owe every single one of the freedoms that I rail about day in and day out to the efforts and sacrifice of those who were willing to fight when necessary. We owe a huge debt to those who had to fight when it wasn’t necessary too. Let’s …

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Nov 02 2010

Please sign petition to save Sakineh Asthiani

The good folks over at Avaaz seem to think that Sakineh Ashtiani could be executed tomorrow. Take a minute, pick up a phone, send an e-mail, sign the petition, do what you can to let the Iranian government know that the eyes of the international community are upon them.

Sep 04 2010

New blog buddy

I found out that a friend of mine has a blaugh as well. I’m a sucker for technology, as I’ve said previously. I like innovation, it’s one of the things that makes me optimistic in what seems like unprecedented world crisis. Every time humanity has come up against a crisis, we’ve prevailed. This guy is …

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Aug 24 2010

Exciting new blog developments

Hello to all of my faithful readers, and also to those who just use me for a moment’s distraction and don’t call the next day. There are a couple of new things that have happened recently that I want to share with you. First, I am thrilled to inform you that last week, this blog …

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Aug 13 2010

Bloggity blog blogs

I have many blogs linked to this one. They’re on the side bar of your screen —–> Maybe I should tell you about them! BelleIQ – This is written by a former colleague of mine who is a fashion model as well as a scientist. I’m happy to say that at my urging, and the …

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Aug 03 2010

I am officially a Twit

It’s been 6 months here at the Manifesto, I’ve been lucky enough to generate a decent number of regular readers, and sporadically I get a flood of new traffic. If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest posts and information, and you use Twitter, you can follow me (@Crommunist). Plus there is a picture …

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