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Dec 31 2011

Help me spend our money

One of the perks of joining the FTBorg collective, aside from the fact that I now share internet real estate with personal heroes of mine, is that my traffic generates revenue. Well…¬†your traffic generates revenue, through a formula based on number of hits and ad sale rates and other numbers that aren’t worth going into. …

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Dec 25 2011

Happy Monkey! Getting in the Xmas spirit

Whatever your practice on this most confused of holidays (if it is indeed a holiday for you or just another Sunday), here is a video that will certainly have you donning your… well, just watch the video: In case anyone was curious – I can’t move like that. Not voluntarily, anyway. Happy Monkey, everyone!

Dec 05 2011

Blowing away the smokescreen

Apologists for religion, when confronted with the ugliness that has been justified by adherence to scripture, will often retreat into a stance that goes something like “people will always do harmful things, regardless of their religion.” The argument, I suppose, is that human beings will find ways to commit atrocious acts, and that criticizing religion …

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Dec 04 2011

Not sure if real or…

This might be a giant fakeout, but it costs you absolutely nothing and may help some people a lot. If you’re on Reddit, follow this link and just upvote the topic. Those of you familiar with .self posts know that the OP gets no karma, so the only downside is some elaborate troll is having …

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Nov 23 2011

A disturbing turn

I’m a bit shaken by this. After the Vancouver hockey riots (which weren’t about hockey, but whatever), I posted a video of a busker I saw downtown. He was really good, and encapsulated the mood of people working to rebuild the city after massive and unnecessary destruction. A commenter has just brought the following to …

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Sep 30 2011

Movie Friday: Movin’ on up

So I couldn’t find a version of this video with the actual music, but this is close enough. I have exciting news, and today’s video is a big clue about what it is. For those of you who can’t guess (or haven’t already), stay tuned for a special Saturday post explaining what’s been going on, …

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Sep 06 2011

Apologies, apologies, one thousand apologies

You know what I didn’t feel like doing when I got back from my 3-day outdoor concert? ANYTHING I am back to my old self and recharged. I promise that this will be the last trip I take for a little while, so there shouldn’t be any more interruptions. I will work triple hard tonight …

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Aug 09 2011

I lied…

Which way to the beach?

Today’s post will also be delayed. When I say ‘delayed’, please rest assured that this is exactly what I mean. I fully intend to post a ‘Monday think piece’, this one about transforming races. Tuesday’s post (that should have gone up today) is about alt-med scams. They’re written in my head, I’ve just had difficulty …

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Aug 08 2011

Late Post and bit of advice

Today’s post will be late, but I have a suspicion that this will be the last time this happens for a while. As always, my apologies but real life is providing precious little writing time. Some advice: in the same vein as a previous post, I want to remind people that it’s not okay to …

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Aug 02 2011

Today’s post will be late

Just a heads up. Today’s post is going to be a few hours late. It’s been a pretty crazy summer. Lots of traveling, plus a nearly non-stop stream of friends visiting from afar (the latest of whom is due to arrive tomorrow, so blogging will continue to be spotty). This weekend I was camping in …

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