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Jun 07 2011

Guilty of hate speech; guilty of crime?

For all my bluster and polemic, I am tormented by a fundamental uncertainty when it comes to hate speech laws. My position on hate speech is unequivocal – I am against it. Spreading hate is abhorrent, and its effects tend to move beyond the words themselves. I am particularly aware of the fact that anti-gay …

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May 20 2011

Movie Friday: Sodom and Gomorrah

Anti-gay agitators like to bring up a particularly monstrous story from the bible (and there are many to choose from) as an example of God’s perfect mercy. They use this story to demonstrate that God is not okay with buttsecks, or really anything that isn’t face-to-face vagina/penis intercourse with the lights off and while a woman …

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May 18 2011

Willfully blind

There is a particularly frustrating argument out there that seems to come out of the liberal tradition, but has been readily adopted by conservatives as well. The argument is that paying attention to a thing is inherently discriminatory. For example, in discussions of race, otherwise well-intentioned people repeatedly make the claim that noticing race is the …

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May 03 2011

I get e-mail

Crommunist is still mad at you. I’ll be back from hiatus when I feel like it. Last week, I pointed out what I thought was a really cool story in the news: A [city] church has voted to stop signing marriage licenses in protest of the state of [state]‘s denial of marriage rights to same-sex …

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Apr 26 2011

Well I’ll be…

Sometimes – not often, but sometimes – something will happen that catches me completely by surprise: A [city] church has voted to stop signing marriage licenses in protest of the state of [state]‘s denial of marriage rights to same-sex couples. Douglass Boulevard Christian Church made the unanimous vote Sunday. The Rev. Derek Penwell, senior minister …

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Apr 26 2011

Good Idea; Bad Idea – the gay edition

And now it’s time for another Good Idea; Bad Idea Good Idea: Providing counselling and other support to gay kids to reduce their risk of killing themselves Several international studies have found higher attempted suicide rates among lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) youth compared with heterosexuals. Overall, suicide is the third leading cause of death …

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Mar 29 2011

The hypocrisy of the religious right

Crommunist is back from vacation, but still slowly putting his life back together. I will be posting something every day, but don’t expect it to be up to my usual standard until next week. So obviously this title will raise exactly zero eyebrows among those who have read my previous discussions of religion. I find …

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Mar 23 2011

Yeah because THAT’S fair…

Crommunist is on vacation this week, so blogging will be spotty. I’m going to make sure there’s at least SOMETHING up every day, but they’ll be short. Things should be back to normal by April. Fair warning – this post was written whilst VERY drunk. A revised citizenship study guide for new Canadians released Monday …

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Mar 04 2011

Movie Friday: Proposition 8 – The Musical

Sometimes hypocrisy goes best when set to a brilliant Broadway score: Alternative ending: Jesus fails to pop into existence because he’s a fictional character. Batman appears instead. Like this article? Follow me on Twitter!

Feb 23 2011

Religious chicken and homophobic egg

The three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) get the bulk of the attention in North American media. This is partially due to their immense familiarity and power in the world, partially due to number of believers in North America, and partially due to the fact that they stem from a common root. As a …

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