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Aug 08 2012

I am a non-Prophet!

So yesterday I had to heroically jump in to save Russell Glasser who was stranded without Non-Prophets Podcast co-hosts. For an hour, I chopped it up with him and a handful of others: Incidentally, if you want to read my takedown of the Black Atheists of Atlanta, you can read it here. Please be sure …

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Jul 03 2012

Intercepted message from the hive mind

On Sunday morning I had another opportunity to participate in a Google+ hangout with some of my fellow FTBorg: Al Stefanelli Ashley Miller Brianne Bilyeu Justin Griffith Ophelia Benson PZ Myers Russel Glasser We talked about, among other things, why these ‘social justice’ issues – feminism, anti-racism, gender and sex equality, etc. – are so …

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