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Banner vote reminder

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to include your vote for the new banner. Some people are ranking them, others are giving 1 or 2 favourites. Whichever design gets the most support will become the new banner for this site. FYI – to the best of my knowledge, I can’t use more than one (but if that ever changes then I will certainly do that).

Go vote!


  1. aspidoscelis says

    PZ’s Scienceblogs copy of Pharyngula loads a randomly chosen banner from a set each time the page is loaded / refreshed; I don’t know how it’s done on the SB Pharyngula, but this code does the same thing:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”Javascript”>

    function image() { };
    image = new image();
    number = 0;
    image[number++] = “<img src=’banner1.jpg’ border=’0′ alt=”>”
    image[number++] = “<img src=’banner2.jpg’ border=’0′ alt=”>”
    image[number++] = “<img src=’banner3.jpg’ border=’0′ alt=”>”
    increment = Math.floor(Math.random() * number); document.write(image[increment]);


    Sticking something like this in is dead simple if you’re just editing html manually. Messing with the blogging software might make it substantially more complex, but I wouldn’t know.

    The linked article above does something different–it changes the banner at a set time interval. Which is preferable is a matter of taste, I suppose.

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