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Jul 31 2013

Skepticon 6! Plan, Support, Enjoy.

Photo of the Spacious Interior of the University Plaza Hotel

Help support Skepticon this year! And if you can go this November, start planning. It’s free and it’s fun. And it’s in the Buckle of the Bible Belt: Springfield, Missouri. This will be the sixth Skepticon. It will fill November 15th-17th, Friday to Sunday (2013). And judging by last year, attendance will break a thousand. …

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Jul 29 2013

Nixing Offensive Ads

How do you stop an offensive or inappropriate ad at Freethought Blogs? Here’s a brief on how. Our ad service at FtB is automated. We don’t actually choose who advertises on our site, and in fact what ads you see will differ from what ads others will see (like me, for example, even when I …

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Jul 25 2013

Reformed Pastafarianism

For lo, the beautifully brained Saint Donovan righteously and profoundly schooled the blasphemers, and my spirit was greatly troubled. Forsooth, few actually read the scriptures of our great faith. Actually, I didn’t even know we had any. When alas at last I saw the horrid book that has been bilked upon the people, by the …

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Jul 24 2013

CFI and WiS 3

I haven’t voiced an opinion on the Lindsay apology and subsequent resolution of the insulting behavior from CFI (which came after voices of outrage were finally heard) because I have been waiting to see what panned out, especially if CFI was going to produce a third Women in Secularism conference. In every other respect I …

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Jul 23 2013

Is William Lane Craig Afraid?

There are two people who have been asking noted Christian apologist William Lane Craig to debate them for years. And he has consistently declined, always with specious excuses–which are all the more galling given that they are much the same excuses Dawkins gave for not debating Craig, which Craig then mocked, not at all grasping …

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Jul 19 2013

My Favorite Scotch

Quick pic of me holding up my official Jameson Irish Whiskey metal flask, which I bring to roller derby sometimes. Full of wonderful Jameson Irish Whiskey..

These three days I’ll be enjoying the FtBCon from my desktop, sipping Scotch or Irish whiskey. A lot. Because I like Scotch. And Irish whiskey. I’m pretty much a Scotch and Irish whiskey man, you see. Beer, dull (even when it doesn’t taste like piss). White wine, eh. Red wine can be remarkable if it’s …

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Jul 18 2013

FTBCon Tomorrow!

Richard Carrier in service uniform as a Petty Officer (1991)

The massive, amazing, totally free online conference hosted by Freethought Blogs starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday. We have over 100 speakers and 33 sessions. Many names you’ll recognize and love. Many names you might not know but will be glad to have been introduced to. There will be topics you might not have heard …

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Jul 17 2013

Update on Historicity of Jesus

My new book, On the Historicity of Jesus, has passed peer review and is now under contract to be published by a major academic press specializing in biblical studies: Sheffield-Phoenix, the publishing house of the University of Sheffield (UK). I sought four peer review reports from major professors of New Testament or Early Christianity, and …

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Jul 15 2013

Craig vs. Law on the Argument from Contamination

In a recent attempt to rebut a peer reviewed philosophy paper by Stephen Law on the methodology of Jesus studies, which challenges the historicity of Jesus (hence my interest), William Lane Craig comes up with something so awful it would be worthy of a young earth creationist website. Maybe I’m just losing my patience with …

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Jul 13 2013

Help Minority Atheists to College

I wrote before about the amazing program started by Black Skeptics of LA to help send minority atheists to college (see Day of Solidarity for Black Atheists). Called the First in the Family Humanist Scholarship Initiative, they give thousand dollar grants to college-bound minority students who are not only nonbelievers, but the first in their …

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