Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 22 2013

Kiva Now or Never!

Okay, time to do some good. The Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and Non-Religious team at Kiva is just a few hundred members away from winning a $10,000 bonus matching fund. Let’s get them that bonus! It only costs you $25. (And maybe not even that yet…for a while, due to another matching grant, …

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Mar 19 2013

Status Report

Two notes today, one to readers of my blog and another to the donors who funded Proving History and On the Historicity of Jesus Christ: (1) Today I shall begin recording in studio for the audiobook edition of Not the Impossible Faith. Two other books have already been done and are available on Audible now …

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Mar 15 2013

Record-Breaking Atheist Charity Drive

Last year I blogged about the national atheist community’s engagement with the Light the Night charity drive to fund Leukemia research (see This Is Atheist Charity and Charity Legend Update). Well, it achieved remarkable results. The atheist movement officially raised nearly half a million dollars (and may yet meet or exceed that target: see how …

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Mar 12 2013

That Christian Nation Nonsense (Gods Bless Our Pagan Nation)

This is a transcript of my speech at this year’s convention for the National Atheist Party (minus spontaneous asides and ad-libs). Though this was an oratorical adaptation and rearrangement of my previous work online (Christianity Was Not Responsible for American Democracy), it is also much improved and contains new material, and I received multiple requests …

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Mar 04 2013

Sense and Goodness without God Now an Audio Book

My flagship defense of a naturalist worldview (and of philosophy in general), Sense and Goodness without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism, is now available as an audio book, through Audible.com. It’s a fairly faithful reading, so even things I’d probably change now (mostly minor stuff) is still in there (I didn’t want to deviate …

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Mar 01 2013

Appearing in Texas: American Atheists 50th!

I shall be one of the featured speakers at the American Atheists convention this month, in Austin, Texas, March 28-31 (2013). And I’m just one among a huge array of awesome folk presenting there: just look at this lineup! Yes, that’s Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister and recent United States congressman Peter Stark on …

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