Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 24 2012

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

The latest analysis has all but confirmed the recently announced “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” is a modern forgery. See Mark Goodacre’s summary in Jesus’ Wife Fragment: Further Evidence of Modern Forgery or go look at Andrew Bernhard’s latest analysis directly: How The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Might Have Been Forged: A Tentative Proposal. Bernhard is …

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Oct 23 2012

Historicity News: Changing Tides

This is the last of three posts covering news in the historicity-of-Jesus debate (for the first see Thallus et Alius and for the second see Notable Books). Here I will discuss two significant developments in the Jesus historicity/mythicism debate, and one more tangentially related.

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Oct 19 2012

Help a Fellow Warrior Weather a Storm

Greta Christina with her lovely wife Ingrid.

Greta Christina only a few months ago quit her day job to work for herself as a writer and speaker (both of which she’s really good at), and things were looking great, then bam, her dad gets badly ill and dies, causing her to lose work for about a month…and then she gets cancer. Not …

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Oct 17 2012

Historicity News: Notable Books

Cover of Crossan's book The Power of Parable

This is the second of three posts covering news in the historicity-of-Jesus debate (for the first see Thallus et Alius). I recently finished reading the latest books by John Crossan and Dennis MacDonald. They inadvertently support the mythicist case with their latest arguments (despite making some weak, almost half-hearted arguments for historicity), and are worth …

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Oct 15 2012

Glorious Smackdown of the 10/42 Apologetic

Have you heard the argument that Jesus must have existed because “42 ancient sources record Jesus 150 years within his lifetime, whereas only 10 mention the contemporary Roman emperor Tiberius,” and since we consider that enough to believe Tiberius existed, we should conclude Jesus existed? I know, you are already detecting umteen things wrong with …

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Oct 12 2012

Appearing in London

It’s official! I will be speaking on Bayes’ Theorem and Proving History in London this November 16 (Friday, 2012) and in Oxford the day before (Thursday the 15th). Although the latter may be restricted to students and faculty, the former is open to the general public. That event is sponsored by the British Humanist Association …

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Oct 10 2012

Historicity News: Thallus et Alius

I have a slew of things to report. I was thinking of doing some book reviews, for example, but I am not going to have the time. With my England trip coming up and my push to hunker down and finish On the Historicity of Jesus Christ, I will have much less time for blogging …

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Oct 09 2012

Understanding Bayesian History

Cover of the book Proving History.

So far I know of only two critiques of my argument in Proving History that actually exhibit signs of having read the book (all other critiques can be rebutted with three words: read the book; although in all honesty, even the two critiques that engage the book can be refuted with five words: read the …

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Oct 03 2012

Skepticon 5 Will Be Awesome


I will be speaking on “miracles and the historical method” at Skepticon this year, greatly updating my old but popular talk on the subject with what I’ve discovered and worked out in writing Proving History. This will build on last year’s talk about Bayes’ Theorem, but will be more about method than math, and cover …

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