Sacramento Freethought Festival!

Picture of Brian Dalton (Mr. Deity), who will be speaking at the event.I will be at the Sacramento Freethought Festival next week, Saturday, 6 October (2012). I will be selling and signing my books all day at a table, and participating in the Authors Q&A (which runs from 10:40 to 11:20). Come say hi. And buy some books! It’ll help me bring home some income. I will also be attending the special reception the night before (Friday, 5 October).

The festival has become increasingly awesome the last few years, so there’s lots to browse and watch and hear, with speakers and music and many authors and other vendors. This year it’s at the Ben Ali Shrine Center from 10am to 7pm. Admission is free (so is parking), but if you register you get a shot at a door prize–and for a small donation, reserved seating for the main stage. There is an Events Schedule and lots of useful links and info at the event website if you want to know more or just explore. There are several cool speakers this year. Check it out.

Picture of Last Year's ReceptionThe fundraising reception the night before is pretty awesome, too. If you want to attend that and drink and gladhand with various local and national celebrities, you can purchase a reservation that will help fund the event (all the details are on their Fundraising Reception page). You can also help keep the event going year after year by donating money, becoming an official sponsor, or volunteering (see their Support page for more; volunteers get a special dinner the Thursday before). You can also host a table if you have a product or organization or cause you want to promote.

McGrath on Proving History

James McGrath has reviewed my book Proving History. We’ve argued before (e.g. over claims Bart Ehrman made), so there is backstory. But his review is unexpectedly kind and praising at points, and he likes the overall project of explaining the underlying logic of history as fundamentally Bayesian and making productive use of that fact. He does conclude with some select criticism, though, and that is what I will respond to here. [Read more…]

Comments & Moderation Policy

I’ve finally gotten around to getting my comments policy out of my inaugural post and onto a page of its own, with updated policy elements and information. That post is accessible from a tab atop my every blog page (next to the FtB site-wide Privacy Policy). It includes information about moderation delays. See Comments Policy for Dr. Carrier’s Blog.