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Nov 02 2013

Want to Read All Our Blogs with NO Ads? Well, Now You Can!

You can now subscribe to FtB, and your subscription fee substitutes for our ad revenue, and the ads go away, and you still get to support our work. It’s just $30 a year (or less if you want smaller increments). You get access not just to my blog without ads, but to all the FtB …

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Jul 29 2013

Nixing Offensive Ads

How do you stop an offensive or inappropriate ad at Freethought Blogs? Here’s a brief on how. Our ad service at FtB is automated. We don’t actually choose who advertises on our site, and in fact what ads you see will differ from what ads others will see (like me, for example, even when I …

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Sep 03 2012

Comments & Moderation Policy

I’ve finally gotten around to getting my comments policy out of my inaugural post and onto a page of its own, with updated policy elements and information. That post is accessible from a tab atop my every blog page (next to the FtB site-wide Privacy Policy). It includes information about moderation delays. See Comments Policy …

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Jan 02 2012

Comments Crazy!

Happy new year everyone! Today I’m going to blog a boring administrative thing. But later this week I’ll put up something a little more interesting. With my move now to Freethought Blogs the number of comments my entries are generating within a week has shot up fivefold or more. Which is great, except that it …

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Nov 28 2011

The Carrier Revival!

Greetings all! Alas I have joined the rebel alliance and launched my blog anew here at the totally godless Freethought Blogs, ubi veritas extrahetur! I won’t be bringing over my archives due to the difficulty of getting all the formatting right, so I have frozen my old blog and left its archives up for reference …

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