Regarding the Accusations Made by Amy Frank

An accusation has recently been published against me that warrants a reply. In its original form on Facebook  (of which I only had screen caps that were sent to me), dated on or around 15 June 2016, Amy Frank (as identified by her profile; I have only known her by a different surname until now) wrote:

Parents, and younger people who may graciously volunteer for Camp Quest, a summer camp for kids.

Richard Carrier, the man who sexually harassed me and touched me a year ago [2015–ed.] after speaking at ASU [Arizona State University–ed.] is now an official employee of this organization. Campus Quest [sic–ed.] and the Secular Student Alliance are partners, and fully aware of what transpired last year. I’m not even close to being his only victim, and there are even more victims of other speakers of the SSA.

Want to know why he continues to be involved after being banned from being an SSA speaker? He is dating the wife of the Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance.

Corrupt people continue to destroy what could be wonderful organizations. I am officially BOYCOTTING the national Secular Student Alliance until their leadership is completely dismantled. Students deserve to have an organization capable of handling sexual harassment and assault, with no conflicts of interest. Not only is abuse fairly common at SSA events, but the organization itself goes out of their way to undermine the reports of its very own members’ trauma.

I’ve held my tongue far too long. No more sweeping this shit under the rug. Time to own the fuck up and face the music. The victims have had enough.

If you’ve been a victim of harassment or assault at any SSA-sponsored event, please feel free to contact me. I will keep your name confidential.

There are a number errors in this comment.

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Bart Ehrman Just Can’t Do Truth or Logic

Bart Ehrman was again asked what evidence there is that Jesus existed this February 18, 2016, at Fresno City College. See the video here (he begins his answer at timestamp 23:18). First he says this:

I don’t think there is any doubt that Jesus existed. There are a couple of scholars who’ve argued he didn’t exist. There are a lot of voices out there saying that he didn’t exist. But they’re not by scholars who are actually trained in any historical disciplines. There are voices on the internet. But there are voices on the internet for all sorts of things. Scholars who study this stuff really, there isn’t any, it’s not a question that’s debated among my colleagues. It is not debated. Because the evidence is so overwhelming.

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Affordable One-Month Course on the Science & Philosophy of Free Will…and a whole lot of other things going on!

If you haven’t already, do consider taking my online course next month on the science & philosophy of free will—or recommend it to anyone you think might be interested! It starts in just two days. You can get in within its first six.

Meanwhile, a brief update and foreshadow:

  • I’ve been spending the last week starting a new relationship, so I’ve been AFK a lot. She’s a noted polyamory activist and all-around kickass, known by her handle Joreth Innkeeper. And I confess I’m very smitten. I am now meeting someone else in the next few days who might smite me as well. She practically already has. And all the while staying with a girlfriend who already smote me. So I’ll be AFK a bit more.
  • Further consuming my time is all the work I’ve been engaging in planning several upcoming tours (Southern California in April and Florida in May), two major debates, and one big move. Yes, by this summer I shall no longer be living in California. Stay tuned for that news. Because I’m going to do something fun with it.
  • Of course I consumed a lot of time prepping and engaging in the Carrier-Bass debate a week ago. The video is now up. IMO, that went badly for him. He’s a very competent presenter. He did well on all the skills of debate. Except for what gives you a technical win. So given his confident and charismatic presentation, you might not have noticed that he didn’t really rebut most of my arguments; and those he even properly took on, he ended up relying on argument by assertion. Assertions any fact-checker will be able tell aren’t all that credible. I’ll blog more on that in coming weeks. But that’s even more time to task!
  • Now I have the Kennesaw debate with Craig Evans coming up, on the historicity of Jesus. Don’t forget that! If you can make it, you may want to. It will be an important one. And of course, prepping for that, is also consuming my time.
  • In SoCal I’ll be speaking on why they invented Jesus and what’s up with feminism. There may be even more. Stay tuned.
  • In Florida I have two events of considerable interest going. I’ve announced one. Stay tuned for the other! [To be announced here.]
  • I’ll also be at Frolicon in Atlanta, Georgia. Just FYI. Not as a presenter. Just among the invisible happy masses attending, with my new paramour. But if you happen to see me, do say hi! And don’t worry, I won’t out you. Not without your enthusiastic consent.
  • I’m near to completing my first of two books on ancient science. Yep. If all goes to plan, Science Education in the Early Roman Empire will be released before the end of this year. I’ll announce that, and what it’s about, as soon as it can be pre-ordered. But needless to say, this is also consuming a lot of my time! Since I finished my fan-funded Jesus project (which resulted in three books, Proving History, On the Historicity of Jesus, and Hitler Homer Bible Christ), I’ve been able to blow the dust off of my dissertation and start turning it into some books. It just needs updating (since much has been published in the last six years I’ve been spending on the funded project). So I’m on that now.
  • I also have contracts for at least two other books to come (and am working on a fourth). More on that later. But I’m eager to get to them.
  • And on top of all that I have more things I want to blog than I’ll have time for! Including two new important articles on Jesus mythicism, one in a major Canadian magazine (Macleans), another in a major academic journal (Think).

So I’m a very busy man. Now taking a brief break. With his CostCo Jameson.

Photo of Richard Carrier's Apple computer screen, keyboard, and mouse, mostly out of frame, but more centered is a giant Costco style bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey, and a whiskey glass with a shot of Jameson in it, all by the soft light of evening lamp, on a blond wooden desk.



All Kinds of Awesome Is Happening!

We are growing and multiplying!

We have split into two blog networks with a common cause. And both are adding many new bloggers. The new independent network The Orbit will focus even more on feminism and social justice (as well as activism). Though we will still do a lot of that here too, we also will cover many other interests, and will bring in and showcase more new bloggers from diverse backgrounds. I highly recommend you bookmark or draw feeds for both!

In fact I have a particular recommendation for you. For over a year now, nearly every day I have gone to the FtB front page, which organizes the latest posts on all the blogs on our network by subject category, and I read everything that catches my interest. This has exposed me to more bloggers and more perspectives than if I just read specific blogs everyday. I learn a great deal more, and I have a much more exciting experience! So you might like doing this, too.

Especially because at FtB we have just onboarded over a dozen new bloggers! And we have even more coming over the rest of the year. If you follow our front page, you’ll discover more of them you might like, as well as occasional posts you’ll want to read even from yet others you wouldn’t read regularly. Of course, you should still follow the specific blogs you are most keen on (as I do), since their entries might only appear on the front page briefly, since so many posts are cycling in and out. But following the FtB front page will add to your experience tremendously.

The Orbit, meanwhile, has a fantastic array of bloggers, too, gathered up from Freethought Blogs, Skepchick, and Patheos (and beyond). Currently the blogs that will be located there include those of: Alex Gabriel, Alix Jules, Alyssa Gonzalez, Ani, Ania Bula, Aoife O’Riordan, Ashley F. Miller, Benny Vimes, Brianne Bilyeu, Chris Hall, Dana Hunter, Dori Mooneyham, Greta Christina, Heina Dadabhoy, Jason Thibeault, Luxander Pond, Miri Mogilevsky, Niki M., Sincere Kirabo, Stephanie Zvan, Tony Thompson, and Zinnia Jones. If you want to follow any of them specifically, you can find their blog in the lineup page here. And for their whole network’s daily latest (where you can see all the latest posts from any and all) is here (just not organized by subject).

Freethought Blogs, meanwhile, has onboarded a bunch of really awesome new bloggers. You definitely will want to check a bunch of them out! I’m already loving many of their feeds. Reading them I’ve been getting that warm fuzzy feeling like the cat that got love-touched in Earth Girls Are Easy. The new blogs so far include:

Check them out. There is stuff for every interest and taste. Enjoy!

There’s No Time to Explain

Photograph of an American M1 Abrams battle tank rolling down a street.My brother in law, Brian Parra, has launched a groovy new podcast, There’s No Time to Explain. And I was his first interview subject (episode 1). It’s an example of my favorite kind of podcast, where we both chat about all kinds of things that mostly aren’t the usual things I’m talking about over and over.

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The Never Sinking Ship: How Thunderf00t Sucks at Science (or Else He’s a Liar; Probably He’s Just a Liar)

Revised. Something really funny happened yesterday. And then something funny happened today. Thunderf00t tried to lie, and got caught. And embarrassed, he threw out a bunch of insults and blather, and ran away. The event was amusing. It was so easy to catch him out. And his response to having been caught was so pathetic and bizarre. And then after publishing this post today his fans caught me in a mistake! Which is amusing for a completely different reason. And I’ll be correcting that mistake below. But it all reminded me, not only would Thunderf00t make a lousy sailor (for reasons I’ll explain), but so much has happened since I last exposed him (not even just this), that it’s high time I aggregated the new material exposing him. So here is your complete update on the horror show that is Thunderf00t. [Read more…]

For My Birthday: Seeking Patrons & Twitter Followers!

Patreon logo banner that says 'Support my work on Patreon'Today is my birthday. And I am officially launching my Patreon support page. Please take a gander, and consider becoming a patron, even at just a dollar per. I would love to have more financial security and a better sense that what I’m doing is valued and worthwhile and can secure my future.

For my birthday I don’t want things. I want to grow my business and do well. And for that, what I’d want most of all this year is not just more patrons, but also twitter followers.

So if you can’t do the patronage thing, what you can do, as a gift for my birthday, is do what you can to let people on twitter know about me and to consider following me, so they’ll see my announcements of thoughts, blog articles, books, public appearances, and everything else. Tweet to your own followers that they should take a look and decide. Facebook it. Or whatever you like. (I can also be followed on Facebook.)

I’d love to break the 1000 followers mark on Twitter (I only just started). I’m maybe 90 away right now. I probably can’t do that in one day, but wouldn’t that be a thing! Building more Twitter followers helps me publicize and get attention to my work. Which helps me make a living. But it also helps my work have a greater impact, so it will be seen by, read by, and educate and benefit, more people. So I would greatly value your help with expanding my following there.


There are of course other ways to support my work, from buying my books, to bringing me out to speak at your city or school, and more. To visit all the options see my newly updated Support page.

Might Stellar War Be a Good Christmas Gift? (Hint Hint)

Oh, sorry, “Holiday Gift.” For those atheists who abhor the Christ in Christmas. Although we know everything distinctive of Christmas is pagan. And paganism is fun. So most of us atheists happily celebrate the pagan holiday under its now familiar moniker. Because it’s hilarious to call all this pagan shit Christ-mas. Besides, we can use Christian apologetics to prove Santa Claus exists and flies to other planets on a rocket. And we all know gods don’t exist anyway, so who cares what we call it. No one freaks out over Mighty Saturn’s Day, er, I mean, Saturday.

So, regardless. If you will be giving sinful filthy heathen gifts to people this coming Winter Solstice, you might consider my card game Stellar War. What the hell is that? It’s this. Which you can buy here. Have someone you’ll be gifting to who is a fan of my work or of fun but complicated tabletop games (the kind of games that freak out the squares), consider the game I invented in my childhood, Stellar War. I’ve even updated the box so the title is on the sides as well so you know where it is in your crazy giant stack of boxed games. There are other Christmas gift buying options besides the game, of course, which can help support my work in various ways. This article summarizes them. Although since then my average income has gone up ten grand, but I am now living on my own, and thus entirely supporting myself on a starving artist’s wage.

Below the fold are some spoilers, however. Spoilers that might make Stellar War more attractive as a gift idea. What spoilers? Pictures of the three cards I added to spice the game with some humor. They were included in the original release two years ago, intended to surprise players of the game. I’m now revealing the secret to everyone. Imagine drawing them randomly through the course of the game. A game that is about an interstellar war, the goal of which is to destroy as many ships and space stations of your enemies as possible.


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Dinner for Patronage? Help Me Out at Skepticon This November!

Photo of Richard Carrier in white shirt, red and grey striped tie, and silver vest, speaking at the podium of Wonderfest.Last chance for fans & supporters! Want to secure a dinner conversation with me? Here’s how. Not only will I be at Skepticon this November 13th-15th (not to speak but just for fun!), but I’m helping Bo Bennett & Kile Jones launch their Secular Backstage service by offering up an opportunity to join me for dinner when I’m there!

We are auctioning the opportunity, minimum bid $100. Closes in two weeks or so, so spread the word, and let everyone know whom you think might be interested. Or put in a bid yourself! The money goes to support my ongoing independent scholarship and activism. So this is a worthwhile way to offer me your patronage, as well as bend my ear or pick my brain for at least an hour.

The occasion will be Friday the 13th (Day of Evil!) at or around 7pm. In Springfield, Missouri. And Skepticon itself, BTW, is free, so this is all the more reason to go. Their website has all the info you need to plan.

Things we can talk about include… [Read more…]