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Jul 29 2013

Nixing Offensive Ads

How do you stop an offensive or inappropriate ad at Freethought Blogs? Here’s a brief on how. Our ad service at FtB is automated. We don’t actually choose who advertises on our site, and in fact what ads you see will differ from what ads others will see (like me, for example, even when I …

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Jul 24 2013

CFI and WiS 3

I haven’t voiced an opinion on the Lindsay apology and subsequent resolution of the insulting behavior from CFI (which came after voices of outrage were finally heard) because I have been waiting to see what panned out, especially if CFI was going to produce a third Women in Secularism conference. In every other respect I …

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Jul 19 2013

My Favorite Scotch

Quick pic of me holding up my official Jameson Irish Whiskey metal flask, which I bring to roller derby sometimes. Full of wonderful Jameson Irish Whiskey..

These three days I’ll be enjoying the FtBCon from my desktop, sipping Scotch or Irish whiskey. A lot. Because I like Scotch. And Irish whiskey. I’m pretty much a Scotch and Irish whiskey man, you see. Beer, dull (even when it doesn’t taste like piss). White wine, eh. Red wine can be remarkable if it’s …

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Jul 18 2013

FTBCon Tomorrow!

Richard Carrier in service uniform as a Petty Officer (1991)

The massive, amazing, totally free online conference hosted by Freethought Blogs starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday. We have over 100 speakers and 33 sessions. Many names you’ll recognize and love. Many names you might not know but will be glad to have been introduced to. There will be topics you might not have heard …

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Jul 11 2013

Combs-Port Interview

Chris Combs and Daniel Port interviewed me recently on my life and work, as well as my thoughts about cinema as an art medium and on specific films they asked about because they’re my recommendations in my video store (like Pulp Fiction, the Cohen Brothers, my taste in teen films and romantic comedies), and various …

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Jun 19 2013

Give Just a Little to the SSA, MAAF and MRFF

I was just filling out some checks and realized I should mention what I’m doing, because I think a lot of you might want to do the same. Last month I renewed my annual support for the Secular Student Alliance. I’ve long been promoting them, as an organization making a huge difference in supporting the …

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Jun 12 2013

Indelible Nirmukta

Two new blogs have launched at FtB over the past few weeks and as usual they are fascinating additions. (FTB’s front page has also been cleaned up a bit–more improvements to come). The Indelible Stamp by Tauriq Moosa [that's TAR-rik, not tar-REEK] surveys culture and ethics from an international atheist perspective, touching on all manner …

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Jun 07 2013

Lindsay and WiS: Time to Be Heard at CFI

The CFI board meets in a week. The Ron Lindsay debacle should not be allowed to fall from the agenda. To make sure they hear all voices, please send your thoughts to board member Tom Flynn [at [email protected]]. I’ve discussed the outrage and disappointment felt in the community, and my own, in What Do Ron Lindsay …

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May 09 2013

Two New Awesome Bloggers

Photo of Yemisi Ilesanmi

FreethoughtBlogs has added two new fascinating bloggers, both from the UK: Ally Fogg and Yemisi Ilesanmi. These will really get the hackles up of the anti-feminist crowd, since one is a card carrying feminist (And black. And a woman. Chicken littles, begin your rant…) while the other is a voice of reason in the same …

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May 07 2013

Help a Library in Pakistan

This is an opportunity to do something cool. I was contacted recently by a library in a predominately Hindu region of Pakistan, asking if I’d be so kind as to send them some free copies of my books (which they even knew and requested by name). My books. Books with titles like Sense and Goodness …

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