On the Historicity of Jesus Now on Kindle and Nook!

Cover of Richard Carrier's book On the Historicity of Jesus. Medieval icon image of Jesus holding a codex, on a plain brown background, title above in white text, author below in white text.My latest and most controversial (and in-demand!) book is now available in e-book format. At last! You can now get On the Historicity of Jesus on kindle and nook (I don’t know if it’s also available on any other platforms or formats). The audiobook is still in production.

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Null Hypothesis My Ass (A Christmas Harangue)

Letter to the editor of Christian Apologetics Ministries (ApologeticsMinistries.com):

You unbelievable wingnuts. You should totally fire your Professor of Apologetics, Jonathon Hold, from his position at your supposed Iowa University of Religion for being a baloneyhead. His article proposing The Null Hypothesis Project is full of vomitous flabergastery.

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Here’s a Fun Way to Help Camp Quest

Get in on the action: vote with a donation to decide the Camp Quest Famous Freethinkers Faceoff! (You can also like their campaign’s Facebook page, and spread the word by any and all social media.)


Because then, you will actually get to affect who gets on the Ace cards in a deck of famous freethinkers. (Just FYI, not thought leaders are meant; just fame is the criterion.)

Do you want Richard Dawkins there? Or Elon Musk?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Or Elizabeth Cady Stanton?

And so on down a select bracket.

Check out the website link above. Make your choices with a donation. And take part in creating an interesting deck of cards, one that will likely be played by godless kids all over the U.S. for years to come. All in support of the cause of Camp Quest, the only nationwide organization of summer camps serving nonbelievers. (Here’s just some of what they do that’s awesome.)


Appearing in Columbus, Ohio — and on DC TV!

While I continue to work all day in the studio recording audio for On the Historicity of Jesus (thanks to Pitchstone Publishing), while Sheffield continues working to produce an electronic edition (that process is out of my hands), I have to get some announcements out. I know, I still haven’t gotten to the comments queue. Have not found the time yet. And with Thanksgiving coming up as well, it certainly won’t happen this week.

But meanwhile, those who want to hang out with me in person, or see me on cable access TV, get out your December calendars…

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What Will Ryan Bell Decide? Join Our Exciting New Online Course in December

Ryan Bell shall soon be ending his Year Without God. And in a special one month online course, he and I will be debating where he should now go from here: Remain an atheist, or a theist? Join the atheist community and help us move the cause forward, or not? (He may have criticisms of the atheism movement worth your being challenged by.) He will be making the best case he thinks possible for belief in God; and I, the contrary. You can join us to watch how the arguments between us go, and even join in the discussion, and attempt to persuade him, yea or nay. Register now. And buy the two recommended course texts as soon as possible, if you want to see where we will be coming from (see below).

We have structured the course to run two arguments in parallel:

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You’ll Want This Book: Christianity Is Not Great

Cover of Christianity Is Not Great.You can now pre-order the final volume of the Loftus trilogy, in print or kindle, which includes two chapters by me, and awesome chapters by many other excellent scholars. The previous two volumes were The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails (building on The God Delusion with entries by experts on various of its subjects) and The End of Christianity (building on The End of Faith with entries by experts on various of its subjects). They were excellent collections, featuring the work of over a dozen different experts, brought together and edited by John Loftus. Now the final entry has arrived: Christianity Is Not Great: How Faith Fails (building on God Is Not Great with entries by experts on various of its subjects).

To see a summary of what’s in the earlier volumes, see my past blogs on “The Christian Delusion” (2010) and “The End of Christianity” (2011).

What’s new in Christianity Is Not Great? Oh, it’s great…

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