Bat Cruise Tickets Now for Sale!

What on earth is that? It’s a cool event I’m going to be speaking at (along with Chris Johnson of The Atheist Book fame), near the end of September in Austin, Texas. Summary of links here.


  1. Neunder says

    Just got your book. I noticed the Shepherd of Hermas seems unmentioned in the contents or index. Do you date it late? Or otherwise irrelevant? Do you think it’s idea of the Son more likely under mythicism or historicism? Or neither?

    • says

      Too late to be of any use (and far too obviously fictional as well). I do not consider anything after 125 AD to be relevant (as I explain in ch. 7). (I would, though, if any such thing could be shown to be independent of the Gospels and have relevant pre-125 sources, but nothing does, as I show in Chapter 8 for Papias and Hegesippus, and the Talmud, the only late works I consider. Those late sources can have other significances, as I explain in chs. 7 and 8. But Hermas has none such.)

  2. Neunder says

    Well, for what it’s worth, Geoffrey Mark Hahneman makes an interesting case for an earlier than 125 AD dating of Hermas in The Muratorian Fragment and the Development of the Canon.