Appearing in St. Louis, Carbondale, Edmonton (Updates for Alabama & Abbotsford)

I have a number of appearances coming up this year (2014: see this post for a complete list, which will be continually updated). But two new ones have been added and two have been updated. Check it out…

First the updates: I mentioned I’d be appearing in Alabama somewhere on the 12th of September (Friday). Well, now the details are in: I will be speaking on the evolution “controversy” in Dothan, Alabama for the Southeast Alabama Freethought Association, 7pm, at Troy State University. The talk is called “Evolution and Basic Science Education: What Teaching the Controversy Really Looks Like.” Details here. I’ll be jetting off to my Fargo event the day after. And a week later, as I had mentioned before, I’ll be debating Michael Horner on the existence of Jesus in Abbotsford, BC (Canada) on Saturday the 20th of September. Details and tickets here. The next day (Sunday the 21st) I’ll be speaking in Edmonton, AB (see below). Note that due to cross-border trade difficulties no books will be sold at the Canadian events. So please buy in advance online or elsewhere and bring your own copies to be signed.

Now the news: I have several new events plugged into my schedule.

First, my Abbotsford trip has been extended: the day after it I will be in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) discussing arguments for and against the resurrection of Jesus, for the Society of Edmonton Atheists. That event announcement is here. But keep an eye on their front page for forthcoming details (like the where and when). That’s Sunday, September 21 (2014).

And now a week before all that I will also be appearing in St. Louis (Missouri) and Carbondale (Illinois). The latter is also close to westernmost Kentucky, for those who happen to be nearby.

For St. Louis I’m doing at least two events.

  1. As long as my flight isn’t delayed, I’ll be going directly from the airport to the University of Missouri Saint Louis to give a talk to the campus group SASHA (Skeptics Atheists Secular Humanists and Agnostics) on Thursday night, September 4, at 8pm (100 Lucas Hall, UMSL). I’ll be speaking on “The Importance of Philosophy: Thought as Skill,” on the importance of having a full-fledged philosophy of atheism and taking philosophy seriously as a skill. That will include touching on the contents of my book Sense and Goodness without God, like morality and political and critical thought. More details may appear on SASHA’s blog, but right now that’s all. I think this will be the inaugural Best Lecture (a series in honor of Stephen R. Best). I expect there may be a Q&A, and selling & signing of my books after.
  2. Then the following night (Friday, September 5) I’ll be doing something like a Skeptics in the Pub meet on “Did Jesus Even Really Exist?” for the Rationalist Society of St. Louis and possibly the Skeptical Society of St. Louis. Update: I’ll be speaking this night at 8 p.m. at Hodak’s (2100 Gravois) for the Rationalist Society. Followed there by Q&A and a selling & signing. And we will retire to a local bar after that (in the Soulard district) for a casual Skeptics in the Pub afterparty. Update: That afterparty will be at the International Taphouse in Soulard (1711 S. 9th St.).
  3. There might be a third event Saturday morning (September 6) but no news on that as yet.

For Carbondale I’m doing three events (see flyer for details).

  1. The first will be Saturday night (6pm), September 6, at Curbside restaurant, on a good old fashioned topic, “Arguments Against the Existence of God” (although I won’t be doing it the old fashioned way…I’m going to show people what Bayesian counter-apologetics looks like, and how to use it to conquer the argumentsphere). Of course, Q&A, selling & signing books, and hanging out after. Details here.
  2. Then Sunday afternoon (2pm), September 7, at the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship, I’ll give the other side of the issue, the matter of what we should believe in, not just what we shouldn’t: “The Philosophy of Naturalism and the Importance of Naturalism as a Worldview.” With another Q&A, and selling & signing. Details here.
  3. Then that night I’ll be doing a special private event for members of the Southern Illinois Atheists, a more informal chat about “Christian Apologetics & Tactics of Debate” (details available only to members who join the group).

I have other events coming in later months. I’ll announce those as I know more.


  1. says

    Update: I’ll be speaking Fri. Sep. [NOT OCT.!] 5th at 8 p.m. at Hodak’s (2100 Gravois, St. Louis) for the Rationalist Society. Followed there by Q&A and a selling & signing. And we will retire to a local bar after that (probably somewhere in the Soulard district) for a casual Skeptics in the Pub afterparty (details on that to come).

    • balthasar25 says

      So that I’m straight on this, you will be in town in October not September correct? If so groovy. Hodak’s is bad to the bone. Best fried chicken in town.

  2. says

    Did you previously debate Michael Horner in Calgary a few years ago? How would you say that went and would you expect any differences this time?

    I live about 45 minutes from Abbotsford, though I used to work very near there. I am not really a fan of debates, but I might come to hear you talk, I am not interested in listening to the delusions of a madman.

    • says

      Yes, existence of God. Crushed. The video mysteriously was lost.

      As to how this debate will go, I can guarantee it will be interesting. Horner is an apologist. But he is also sharp. So even at worst there will be some bemused eyerolling for you to do. I use debates to educate the audience, so you will in effect be getting a good talk on the subject, albeit truncated to conform to the limitations of a debate format.