Jun 22 2014

Appearing in San Francisco, Seattle, Alabama, Fargo, Austin, Sacramento, and All Over Western Canada

I have a lot of appearances coming up all over the country. Check it out…

(1) I will be discussing my new book On the Historicity of Jesus and selling and signing copies for my first time ever in San Francisco, California, Saturday the 26th of July (the publisher has confirmed my order of private stock and promises it should arrive in time). I don’t have the exact where and when yet, but good odds it will be the same time and place as my last talk (only this time on July 26, of course).

Note that I can only afford to procure and sell the softcover edition. The hardcover is prohibitively expensive for almost anyone (even me, and I get an author discount). But of course any copies you acquire yourself and bring to the event I’ll sign (indeed, I’ll sign anything you bring, even if not this book). And there should be enough time that if you order now you’ll have it then (see links for buying it through the publisher or Amazon, and the pros and cons of either, here). I mention this because several people have asked me about doing that.

(2) I will be speaking on or possibly debating the historicity of Jesus at this year’s Atheist Alliance of America conference in Seattle, Washington. They haven’t finalized the schedule so I don’t know which day of the conference I’ll be on, but I’ll be attending the entire con, which will be this August 7th-10th (2014). There will be many other great speakers as well, and receptions and banquets and a trip to Mt. Rainier (the schedule’s outline so far is here). Also stuff for kids (so parents might find this conference especially suitable). See the con’s front page online (link above). I hope to help the conference’s book vendor to stock copies of On the Historicity of Jesus (although see italicized note indented above).

(3) Exact details haven’t yet been finalized, but I am expected to make an appearance in Alabama on Friday the 12th of September. I’ll blog more about that when I know.

(4) I will be speaking at Zeteticon in Fargo, North Dakota, the weekend of September 13th-14th. I spoke at their first con a few years ago (before they got a catchier name). I’m eager to see how it’s grown. Other great speakers will be featured. I will be discussing, and selling and signing copies of On the Historicity of Jesus (see italicized note indented above).

(5) I’ll be debating the historicity of Jesus in Abbotsford, BC (Canada), on or about the 20th of September. I hope to be selling and signing copies of On the Historicity of Jesus in conjunction with the event (that will depend on working out trade details with Canada and the venue; see also italicized note indented above).

(6) I’ll be one of the two featured speakers for this year’s Bat Cruise in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, September 27 (they have more details here). I’ll be sharing the podium, and the cruise meet-and-greet, with Chris Johnson, who produced the fantastically gorgeous book A Better Life. This is an annual do put on by the Atheist Community of Austin. I will be discussing, and (if the venue allows) selling and signing copies of On the Historicity of Jesus (see italicized note indented above).

(7) As usual, I will be tabling at the Freethought Day Festival in Sacramento, California, this year on Saturday the 11th of October. I will also be attending the fundraising reception the night before (Friday the 10th). The whole festival is increasingly awesome and a must to visit. Full details here. Lots of speakers, entertainers, tabling by numerous groups and vendors, food, the whole deal.

NOTE: I shall be selling and signing copies of On the Historicity of Jesus (see italicized note indented above), but I also plan to liquidate my inventory of marred stock. Take note. That means I’ll be selling tons of copies of Sense and Goodness without God, Not the Impossible Faith, Why I Am Not a Christian, and (yes!) Proving History (and more) at scandalously dirt cheap prices. The downside is they are all (mildly) cosmetically defective in some way. The upside is that I’m selling them all for just $2 (Why I Am Not a Christian), $5 (all other softback titles) and $10 (Proving History). The copies I’ll be selling of Proving History only have damaged dust covers. The books themselves (it’s a hardback) are in top condition. Consider buying several copies of various titles to give to churches, libraries, charities, friends, enemies, or just to enjoy reading them yourself at very little cost. Help me clear it all out without a total loss!

But do note that I will not be selling On the Historicity of Jesus at discount. It’s brand new and expensive for me to stock. So it will be sold at a regular in-person rate (probably $30, which will be lower than the publisher’s list price, and for now it looks like even lower than Amazon’s).

(8) Then I will be touring Western Canada between October 14th and 20th. Exact details are still in development (I’ll blog more when I know more). But the plan is to have me speak in Regina and Saskatoon (Saskatchewan), then Kelowna (BC) and Calgary (Alberta), for four events in all, in that order. Most likely I’ll be discussing my new book On the Historicity of Jesus, which I shall try to sell as well (that will depend, again, on working out trade details with Canada and the venues; see also italicized note indented above).

(9) And of course I hope to be returning for Skepticon this November (21st to 23rd). Details are still in development. I’ll definitely blog about it when I know more. But for those unaware, that’s held in Missouri, traditionally Springfield. [I'm not on the roster for Skepticon this year. Other events in November or December may develop!]

If any more dates open up, I’ll add them here (plus remark on the addition in comments).


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  1. 1

    When will the book be available in Kobo or Kindle versions?

    1. 1.1
      Richard Carrier

      I don’t know what a Kobo is. But kindle, I hope, by end of year.

  2. 2
    Buhraz Bolgo

    awesome! :-) Kelowna is in BC , Calgary however is in Alberta (AB) :-)

  3. 3

    Calgary is NOT in BC!
    Cordially, Bernard

  4. 4
    Ambrosia (not that one)

    Minor nit-pick on point 8: Calgary is in AB not BC, so logistically it makes sense to flyover from SK to Kelowna if you will be speaking in Calgary, since there is an international airport in Calgary.

    1. 4.1
      Richard Carrier

      They might be driving or busing me between some of the listed destinations.

      But, yes, thanks for the correction! (see comment below)

  5. 5

    I guess you meant Kelowna (BC) and Calgary (AB) :).

    1. 5.1
      Richard Carrier

      Yes, thank you! I forgot Calgary was in the Texas of Canada, not the California of Canada. How could I have forgotten that, when they made such a point of it when I was last there? :-)

    2. 5.2

      Texas of Canada – indeed. Hope to attend your talk when you are in town.

  6. 6

    I will almost certainly attend the Seattle conference. I’ve never been to an atheist con, but since this one is local to me, it gets me out of paying for airfare and lodging. The price of the con itself is not insignificant, but it’s probably going to be my best chance.

    That said: Dr. Carrier, I don’t suppose you happen to know what day you’ll be speaking in Seattle? If I knew, I’d be able to pay for just the one day … and possibly not have to use a vacation day if it turns out you’re speaking on Saturday …

    Of course, you might not know, or it might not be kosher for you to divulge info that causes people to pay less than full price. I would totally understand if this were the case. But I thought I might as well try!

    Good luck with your engagements in any case.

    1. 6.1
      Richard Carrier

      It is a bit problematically expensive. I’ll have to wait and see what it’s like, to see if the price is warranted. But it bothers me that they charge so much yet don’t pay their speakers. I do realize cons can be expensive to run (esp. in a major city like Seattle; the venue alone can be outrageous). But as a general practice for all conventions, I think a little of that at least should compensate speakers. I’ve written about this before.

      I’ll be discussing my book On the Historicity of Jesus–either talking about its thesis and reception so far, or actually debating its thesis with a Christian (or possibly secular) scholar. I don’t yet know the day. Keep your eye on their schedule and see if/when they settle on a day. Possibly they are trying to work out a debate opponent, which will decide the day according to their availability, so this may get decided close to the last minute. Best case scenario they don’t sell out, so you can get in on the correct day with just a couple days’ advance notice.

      BTW, because they don’t pay speaker fees, I recommend supporting the authors at the con by buying their books, although even in that case the authors don’t get direct proceeds, only standard royalties (a greater percentage of the price probably goes to fund the con, although I don’t expect the con will make very much on book sales, at least relative to registrations).

  7. 7

    Hm, a possible debate – fun. I’ll check back.

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