Last Call for Learning Naturalism as a Worldview!

A slightly out of focus photo of California poppies (an orange flower), which is my link image for naturalism as a worldvidew, because it captures the idea of beauty and science and the natural world.Please tell everyone you know who might be interested! My course starts this Thursday (May 1). It’s a valuable way to support my work and expand your knowledge of philosophy, and learn how to build and think about a coherent worldview without a god or the supernatural, and use that in your daily life and personal growth. If you can afford it, it’s only as demanding as you want it to be. You can participate or just lurk. No schedule need be kept. There will just be class readings and class questions to answer and discuss each week (plus maybe an occasional video to watch at your leisure).

Close up photo of a nebula in outer space. An image I use to promote naturalism and philosophy at my website, here for its connotations about science and the vastness and fascinating nature of our universe.Post questions and answers or read replies at any time. You can also ask me all the questions about each week’s subject as you want, and get my detailed answers–and keep following up with more questions until the course ends (at the end of May). You can also follow (or even join) my other discussions with students. Often that’s where you learn the most: seeing what questions others had, and how I responded to them, and what came up in the ensuing discussion, a lot of which can be surprising or stimulating.

For those already signed up, the class login is here. It will be active May 1. For those who want to learn more, read here. For those who want to register to participate, go here. The required course text is Sense and Goodness without God. If you don’t already have a copy, you can get an electronic version right away, or fast-order a print copy. All buying options are here.