Time to Buy Greta Christina’s Awesome New Book!

Greta Christina’s new book, Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why, is superb. I am confident it will be the definitive read on its topic for decades. She researched the hell out of it and covers nearly every conceivable angle. For example, there’s a chapter discussing the problem from the perspective of atheists in the military, and it’s very thoughtful and useful. And that’s just an example. An amazing number of awesome leaders and thinkers in our movement have given this book powerful endorsements, for a variety of reasons you can read about (Greta covers a lot of them here, and tons are included on her book’s Amazon page under editorial reviews). There are also electronic and audio editions (for a full list of editions and links, including for buyers who don’t want to use Amazon to get the print edition, go here).