Help Ed Brayton Battle a White Supremacist

Our colleague Ed Brayton is being sued by a white supremacist for calling him a white supremacist. It’s a case that Ed is sure to win. But the guy attacking him has minimal expenses (since being a lawyer, he is representing himself) and Ed needs to cover enough of his own costs to answer him capably. Read all about it in Please Help Me Fight a Lawsuit, where you can also send Ed some bucks to help. It’s worth a little dosh at least. Because this is yet another case of our backwards legal system disadvantaging the non-rich by making them pay for justice.


  1. alexander young says

    Surely you jest? Ed B provides no evidence for his request, no background whatsoever. He has apparently accused someone of being a ‘white supremacist’ whatever that may be. I am not unacquainted with the foibles of US racial politics, which makes me extremely cautious in countenancing any such accusation.

    Perhaps the person involved is entirely justified in their suit? How are we to tell? You seem to be going off on several social tangents – transgender, ultra feminist causes, rape charges! My skeptical antennae are rising by the post.

    Looking forward to OHJC,

    • says

      I can only suppose you didn’t read his article. The evidence for his description of the man is extensive and beyond even rational doubt, much less reasonable doubt.

      Or maybe you are smoking the ganj.

  2. alexander young says

    What article? Where is the link? I’ve looked over his site – the only ‘article’ I can find is the one you linked to!

    • says

      Yes. That one. But I see now he edited it to bare bones, not even naming the guy. (Possibly on advice from legal counsel. Since that’s standard procedure at this point.) So you missed the litany of evidence that was there originally. Not helpful for you, I know.

      Let’s just say, hypothetically, that it might be this guy. About whom Anonymous has this to say. More details were here, until all the links were scrubbed (hmmm. I wonder by whom.). Similarly many of the links here. A few things still survive here.

  3. alexander young says

    OK, that makes more sense of it. Was just a trifle bewildered. Ta for the links – geez, US internal kerfuffles are amazing! And yes Thingame & Whatsit do seem like an obnoctious pair.