Hitler Homer Bible Christ Now an Audiobook

My recent book Hitler Homer Bible Christ: The Historical Papers of Richard Carrier 1995-2013 is now available in audio format. As for all my other audiobooks, I voiced the text for Pitchstone Publishing. You can buy the audio edition of Hitler Homer now through Audible.com or Amazon.com and (eventually if not already) iTunes.

Since the print edition has a lot of footnotes, I incorporated the commentary portions of all the notes that contain commentary into the text that was read, so you won’t miss anything except bare citations of scholarship and sources. As for most of my other audiobooks, those citations and sources not read into the audio are available in a special online acrobat document designed as best I could for the visually impaired to run text-to-speech on (and hopefully use the hyperlinks in, so you can skip to parts that interest you). That is available here. Of course you can also see these all in situ using text-to-speech on the kindle edition of Hitler Homer.


  1. newfie says

    Just finished it last week on my kindle app, Richard. Very informative and interesting read on how you historians and scholars do your thing. It really is a science. Can’t wait for On the Historicity. Any chance you will have advanced copies to sign and sell?

  2. Stella says

    Thank you for doing the reading, over 14 hours of reading. I deeply appreciate all of the extra work you put in to make your books available as audiobooks.