Appearing in Manteca (California) Next Week!

Picture of the library, small, lots of plants, 70s brick architecture.Next week I will be giving a talk in Manteca, California, on my book Proving History: Bayes’s Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus. I’ll be selling and signing copies of that and Hitler Homer Bible Christ. Admission is free. But they do ask that you bring an item of canned food for Second Harvest.

Event description: “Learn what makes good evidence, how conflicting evidence is examined, and how we can mathematically ascertain the validity of a claim using Bayes’s Theorem. Plus, Jesus.”

Time and location: Wednesday, 19 March (2014), 8pm-10pm. Manteca Library, 320 W. Center St. For more see the official event Facebook page and the SH event page and the SAAF event page.

Brought to you by the Mid Valley Humanist, Atheist, and Freethinker Colloquium (in conjunction with the Stanislaus Humanists and the Stockton Area Atheists & Freethinkers).

I’ll also be in town that afternoon and the next morning. If anyone wants to get a gathering together to chat anytime in that window, feel free to email me. No guarantee I’ll be available, but for this occasion it’s okay to ask. (Just not at the last minute, since I’ll be AFK from that Tuesday night on.)


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      Sigh. Christians (or so I assume) are trying (again) to get my page removed because I am (according to them) not a notable person (they tried that in 2007 and it failed; I am even more notable now than I was then, and even then I had been on national TV). And they want to delete any reference to me being a philosopher and a historian and instead just call me a blogger. They also have challenged the existence of my Ph.D. (on no basis whatever). In other words, petty bullshit.