Mar 06 2014

Appearing Next Week at Purdue!

Photo of an attractive building and lawn on the Purdue campus that looks very old school and Cambridge like.I will be speaking at Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana) this coming Wednesday (12 March 2014 at 7pm, Physics Building, Room 203). I will be talking about one of the chapters in my upcoming book, On the Historicity of Jesus, one of the lesser discussed: How We Can Tell the Book of Acts is Fake History. I will survey evidence and scholarship on the point. Details at that link. I will be taking questions from the audience. But not selling books (see below).

Brought to you by the Society of Non-Theists (an SSA affiliate). It’s open to the public. Some members of the Lafayette-Tippecanoe Atheists and Secular Humanists will be there, and their meetup page for the event also has a map link and more description, although their map link doesn’t take you to the specific building, which I believe is this, although I’m not sure.

[Video of this talk is now online.]


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    Richard Carrier

    Correction: I will not be selling books at this event after all. Purdue University charges such a high fee for merchandise sales (and Indiana state has such an incredibly byzantine and expensive system for collecting sales tax, which the university also requires me to do), selling there would be highway robbery (as I would have to charge double list price just to earn any profit). You will be able to buy my books far more affordably online. I will sign anything you bring to the event, although it’s too short notice, I expect, for books to be bought and arrive by the time I get there. So I apologize for that. But if you bring a sticker I can sign, you can then put that in any future book you get.

    (There is a possibility some of my books will be made available for purchase off campus after the event. If you are interested in that, ask me about it at the venue.)

    1. 1.1

      Sorry I missed your lecture at Purdue University! Do you have any future plans to be back in Indiana?. Also, I am currently reading Sense & Goodness Without God and find it an amazing read. Which of your books do recommend reading after Sense and Goodness? One more question for you, have you written or given any interviews on how you thought all/one of your debates went? Thank you for all your books, articles and lectures, and since leaving Christianity I have found them to be an amazing foundation for building and living a naturalistic worldview. I wish you well in all of you future endeavors!

    2. Richard Carrier

      Do you have any future plans to be back in Indiana?

      Not presently.

      Which of your books do recommend reading after Sense and Goodness?

      That should be guided by your interests. My complete booklist is here. The Amazon links contain descriptions.

      Have you written or given any interviews on how you thought all/one of your debates went?

      Here and there, and only offhand. I don’t keep track of that. But I most extensively commented on my debate with Craig and Marshall. Reading the comments is pertinent in both cases.

  2. 2

    Here is a review of your talk by James F. McGrath. Just FYI.

    There also comments from McGrath at debunkingchristianity.

    Just FYI. :)

    1. 2.1
      Richard Carrier

      Just blather. Doesn’t actually respond to anything I actually said or even accurately represent it. Typical McGrath. He also makes illogical arguments. How is this guy a professor at a leading university?

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    Richard Carrier

    Video of this talk is now online. The link has also been added to the original post above.

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