Get Hug an Atheist to a Film Festival!

Hug an Atheist is a great movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth buying. Check out the Amazon customer reviews. Now it needs to get wider attention. The film’s director is running a crowdfunding campaign to get enough money to present it at film festivals, which will get more people to see it, especially people outside of atheism, who most need it, and whom it’s most for. Here is where you can donate some bucks to help them make that happen. And this is something your local atheist group can get together to help with. They have perks just for that. And this is their appeal:

For this film to make a real difference, it’s important to get it in front of as big an audience as possible. It’s very nice that we already have a supportive audience here, but you all already knew that we atheists aren’t demons. Now it’s essential to get that message out to an audience that really needs to hear the message this film has to offer. And the best way for an independent film like Hug an Atheist to do this, is to get into film festivals. Unfortunately, this costs money, and the funds that we raised to make Hug an Atheist have long run out (and then some!). So we have started a new campaign to raise the funds to get the word out about the film, with a modest goal of $2500 that we have to reach by 3 February. One of the perks this time is a DRM free high definition download of the film for only $10. We also have perks specifically aimed at groups and organisations, so you might want to encourage your local group to organise a screening of Hug an Atheist.