One More Time, with Feeling!

Skepticon is just a few thousand short of their funding needs. One last push to get them there would be much appreciated! I’ve asked before. But for incentive this time, PZ said it best

If you need additional incentive, consider this: this is the conference the haters hate the most. I’ve already got some wackaloons I’ve never met and who have never attended a conference I’ve gone to, and in particular have never had any plans to attend this one, ranting and raving about a boycott of the con, and a walkout of my session (but then, these are the same kooks who propose to do that every time I give a talk somewhere, and the only people who’ve walked out so far seem to be invisible). This is the convention that has Rebecca Watson, Amanda Marcotte, Greta Christina, Debbie Goddard and all kinds of uppity women stirring up trouble. Subvert the dominant paradigm! Support the skeptical conference that isn’t run by asshats!